I need some partners on this site.

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  1. All right folks I have two wishes for RPs at the moment.

    1. An RP with a sem-balance of a plot but not focused on it because I have a craving for a sex-filled RP (yeah I know a little weird, though it might not be on this site, I'm just a sex-crazed teen so sue me.)


    2. A legit RP mainly based around the plot where the romance takes a back-burner.

    Just a few things about me:
    ~I'm not squemish and I'm looking to explore some things I haven't done before, that means a heterosexual couple if you chose option number 1 because I'm in a lot of m/ rps so I'm craving something different.
    ~I'm open to a lot of ideas, but I have a right to say no, if you have some freaky fetishes though run them by me I'll try one or two... or 4.
    ~If you choose option number 2 make sure I'm not the only one leading the RP, that bugs the crap out of me. So much >.>
    ~Fuck a fourth thing, just post and we can plot. I have some ideas for plots but I like coming up with something with my partner.
  2. Hey I have a few things I wanna try, and you seem like a plesant person so I fiqured why not haha. so what are your ideas and I will list mine below, although mine are parings at the moment and I have little plot Ideas ^_^ But am willing to work something out.

    ~BrotherXsister<<<<totally get it if thsi is too freaky for you

    So currently those are bases for my parings, and i you wanna discuss sund cool to me XD I hope we can work something out
  3. Well I've never done FxF but I have a pletora of MxM. I'm interested in your MasterxSlave one though, because I haven't done something like that in a while :3
  4. [​IMG]
    my life at the moment XD

  5. haha okay well what type of things do you ussually do in masterXslave just so i can try to come up with something out of the ordinary cause im strange like that haha
  6. It's usually just a typical slavexmaster, someone buys someone else and so on and so forth, I usually end up being the dom >.>. I have a few ideas because my brain is always like 'Concept??? TIME TO THROW OUT RANDOM IDEAS!' that and it thinks in gifs, don't ask me why.

    On a very unrelated side-note Ariel as a hipster is odd yet awesome XD
  7. id be interested in doing a roleplay with you
  8. What sort of RP would you be interested in doing?
  9. Okay well to be honest i have never actually fully done a slaveXmaster everyone i have priorlly tired to do it with has bailed. and YAY for you being dom!!! lol and yes she is a hispter but in some sense she is a bad ass. and my brain is lazy, I have to force it to work
  10. I will do something with you. I like straight stuff the best, don't like MxM but FxF is ok. I'm a guy and haven't done a FxF before so no promises on realistic posts xD.

    I am looking for;

    Shy girl/hard to get



    FxF (Again no promises)

    Maybe a Brother/Sister (Depends on plot)

    And suggest something you have in mind. (Again MxM is off limits and so is Demons for me)

    Hope we can work something out.