I need some help! T^T


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My name is Mina and I'm looking for somebody to help me out. I don't need a drawing or something, just somebody with some photoshop skills or something ^^".

I want a portrait to add to my roleplaying posts, but I lack the skill to make a nice design or art around it. There are two pictures I'd have to use, because this particular character has two forms and I would really like a nice, combined picture with some nice art around it.
These are the pictures I would want --->
White hair, grey eyes.jpg

And this is the kind of style I would want --->


The artsy design around the image is really cool, though I need the two faces of my characters incorporated into the image and I would like the design around it to be a bit flowy like water or maybe have an ice element in it.

I hope somebody can help me!