I need male leader (MxF Only)

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Greetings from England :)

Welcome to my world. I have a simple world, and one I hope you can help. I'm Steph and I'm a British born female. I'm 36 and along with other hobbies I enjoy writing. Sometimes I do find it difficult as I'm dyslexic. But I can a sure you I can spell and my writing is easy to ready, but it's more on the grammar part.

In my own little creative world I'm very passionate about writing and love to explore new ideas if the person I'm with is happy to be patient with me. I love to write deep plots and really get my character along with myself really involved. I like to feel the emotion and as the story unfolds I want to see it play out in my head. That way I can put more and more effort into it. I tend to get bored easy, so you will have to keep me on my toes and push my limits.

I'm very shy to start off with, but the more we talk and I learn the more I will get into the role and settle down, I'm not one to make the first move so it's upto you. I tend to be not confident in my writing ability, but I feel for me I can produce some amazing work with the right story and character.

  • I will only write on the forums
  • I'm only into MxF ( I guess I'm an old fashion type of girl and that is my style)
  • Looking for somebody for long term or Semi Long term
  • Somebody who is down to earth, and not picky about grammar, and who is passionate about writing and what they want to bring. A person who is genuine and not grumpy :thumbsdown:
  • If you get bored, then be respectful and let me know okay?
  • Enthusiasm to the point they are enjoying what is wrote, and not writing for the fun of it
  • Effort I want somebody who is liking what is going on and I see passion in what they are writing.
  • Not straight of sex, or somebody that wants to write about sex. I need a person who wants to explore and create something special
  • I'm more of a long term storyline girl where the story keeps going and it's deep. Not a quick and then move on to the next plot or storyline

  • I'm not good in deep sexual scene, but with patience I shall give it my all and I will find my ability to write and in a way I want to learn more on that type of level. But that don't mean it has to be in the storyline. I want to explore all paths. Arguing, Fights, family, life in general, out and about, EVERYTHING in a normal day to day life
  • I think Communication is very high, I tend to hate taking the lead, because I seem to always find I do. I like to follow if I was honest. I do voice my ideas, but I love the some positivity response back. I hate a response where the other persons types “Yeah okay” Or “Cool I go with that” Or “Yeah we will go with that” I want a good positive input and for the person to put ideas across.
  • A good background of the characters
  • I tend to follow rather then lead. All my FEMALES are passive.
  • Thrills, spontaneous, Cliffhanging is what I love.
  • Edge of your seats, and wanting to read more
  • Work 1x1
  • Picture Base with men who have tattoos (leg, arm, shoulder, chest & back)
  • Picture Base with men who have ear or eyebrow piecing (Not necessary)
  • Very well toned, muscular bodies
  • I would like to see a Picture Base of the characters so I have a image to work with.
  • Males between 20/30
  • Males who have A Thin Beard, Goatee, Heavy/Medium Stubble (Not necessary)
  • Male character to be Mix Martial arts
  • STORYLINE is a huge must

I want to play a passive female only. I can play both, but really at the moment I'm looking to be a female.

other ideas come to mind
  • Woman/Soldier (SEVENTH WISH)
  • Gang Member/Innocent Female (SIXTH WISH)
  • FBI Agent/Protect Witness (ELEVENTH WISH)
  • Crime Boss/Innocent Female (FIFTH WISH)
  • Underground Fighter/Innocent Female (FIRST WISH)
  • Solider/Innocent Female (TENTH WISH)
  • Navy seal/Innocent Female (EIGHTH WISH)
  • Bouncer/Innocent Female (THIRD WISH)
  • Bodyguard/Innocent Female (FOURTH WISH)
  • Bad Boy/Innocent Female (NINTH WISH)
  • MMA Fighter/ Crime boss daughter (SECOND WISH)

Realism World
vaginal sex
sexual licking
Food play
Shower scenes
Sexual tension
Risk(Possibility of getting caught)
Exploring bodies
Play fighting

Also I want the MALE to become over protective of the female, tell her what to do (In a loving and caring way) who she can and can't speak to (In a loving and caring way) And treats her like his china doll along with keeping her away from harm. The males hates anybody touching, speaking or looking at her because she is his property and nobody can have her.

So finally I have come to the end. Wow that was an Essay :p

I just really hope to get to work with people. Also feel free to ask me about other plots or storylines, I can only say no.
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