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  1. i need someone to talk about a problem, I'm having. I copied someone's pairing thread and now there all mad at me and claiming that all those pairings on there thread were theres, and I deleted it, but I'm worried if i post the same pairings then they'll get mad again.
  2. Well copying a thread and posting it is generally looked down upon, and usually when a partner is interested in the same thing as another they tend to ask for a roleplay with that partner. What kind of pairings did you copy? General set up like vampire x hunter or specific scenarios?
  3. basically all these different types of pairings, there wasn't any plots listed, just generic pairings that had more detail to it, and I already talked with someone and they said that no one owns pairings
  4. I'd suggest maybe mixing and matching? Add a few of your own, too, and don't copy it exactly to the letter!
  5. I didn't mean too, I added my own pairings and they said they were theres and that have been working very hard and everytime we meet, we butt heads.
  6. Hm :/ Possibly only take the ones you extremely like?
    Or, possibly, just don't post the list again for a bit, and browse people's offers and ask some of them to roleplay?
  7. I've tried that and nothing seems to work, I didn't mean too..I don't want to get in trouble, and I really liked the pairings, there not all hers and they belong to everyone. I just don't want to get in trouble, I came here to roleplay and I cause problems T_T
  8. Airing out these kinds of things in public where the person can SEE that post and get angrier inevitably can cause more drama and trouble!

    So I am going to lock this, and a moderator will talk to you about it soon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.