I Need a Penname

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Lunatic AI

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So I'm writing a book and I need a penname, but I don't want to have to have a seperate email account for any publishing contact business and whatnot, so I need a penname that goes to the initals TZS. Cause TheZeroSystem isn't really something I can get published under.

Right now I'm looking at Tammy Zoe Silver. I like the Zoe, its short and sweet, but I'm not so sure about the Tammy and I'm hating the Silver as a last name...

Any suggestions?

Tessa Zoe Simon

Theresa Zoe Silverman

Tasha Zoe Sheneman

Tamara Zoe Sintobin

Tara Zoe Sims

or any mix or match as you choose :p (last names always suck though i think @_@ )
Tessa a like! And Simon and Silverman. I was also toying around with Tallia... but see Tallia Zoe is kinda hard for me to say (speech impediment)... I was also considering Solomon (or however its spelled. I like the repeating letters, the make me happy...) Or maybe I'll drop the I from Tallia, make it Talla... hm...

I really like Tara too though.

Tessa Zoe Solomon
Tara Zoe Simon
Talia Zoe Silverman
Tilda Zoe Solomon

I don't want something that's too difficult so spell or remember... or that is easy to confuse with another author...

Thank you so much for help Angel! Those suggestions really got my brain going.
An epically awesome name. Alas, I do not think my book is quite up to par...
Tanya Zoe Seering
Lord Fluffypants.

Thinking of Tsimone Zoe... still looking for a last name.

Silverman ( I almost typed 'silvermon' heehee)

Talullah Zoe Solomon... haha, Talullah reminds me of that girl Talullah from the one episode of Dr. Who.

Timonie Zoe Simon? Is the s in Tsimone too weird?

I might just say screw and go with L. Ai.
I like Zoe T. Solomon

Does it HAVE to be TZS?

Like you said, the 'Zoe' is short and sweet. Seems a shame to slap something in front of it.

Ooooh Ampoule that's a good one... Zoe T. Solomon. If I use the tzs letters that's prolly what I'm gonna use. But I have been trying to move away from fanstuff for a few months now, and... well I like thezerosystem (I'm such a fan of AIs/OSs...) but I've never been a big fan of Gundam Wing (...k thatsalie...). I've been staring at Lunatic AI for a while, maybe I'll just switch over. Then I wouldn't have to worry about stupid copyright laws and my name...

"Splint Chesthair. Bolt Vanderhuge. Flint Ironstag. Big McLargehuge. Buff Drinklots. Blast Hardcheese. Punch Rockgroin. Lump Beefbroth. Sprint McRunfast. Slab Bulkhead. Fridge Largemeat. Roll Fizzlebeef. Bob Johnson."