I need a partner for my Craves!!

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  1. Jello! I am Seihou and I'm looking for a partner who wants to casually roleplay with me in spare time. I'm a high schooler and I am busy but I can make time for a few posts a day or in a week, so don't worry about me not replying.

    If I don't reply though and I know it would happen, I will let you know and stuff.

    Now onto the things I'm craving!

    -Undertale: Preferably I would like to be a girl version of Frisk and my partner would be Asriel but we can also do other stuff!

    -We Happy Few: This video game has been something that I've been wanting to roleplay fully ever since I joined the group RP for it. We had to drop it because of life but now I really want to roleplay this survival game!

    -Any love pairings or whatever that's called: For this one, I normally play a girl, and as long as the pairing is straight, I'm perfectly fine with anything. Not to say that I'm uncomfortable playing anything else, I just suck at it =~=

    -Roleplaying with my Android character: I have this character that I wanted to play as, but it's just for character development and such.

    Message me if you're interested in any of these or anything else! I'm open for ideas!
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  2. What do you have planned with your android?
  3. Basically my character is part of a government project where a civilian has to take care of him, kinda like how people HAVE to go to jury duty. But, the government have dark secrets as to how exactly they created androids like my character. It's a bit hard to explain, but he was originally just a character for one of my stories,I just want some more character development for him >~<
  4. I play with him but I don't think I would be someone to take care of him I would have something else in mind.
  5. Okay, what do you have in mind?
  6. Well I would say your android was a government plan and was sent after a criminal group and my guy is one of them they would fight one would win and the story would take off after that. What gender is the android?
  7. Uuuuuum... Well, my android is male but he isn't designed to be like that..
  8. Designed to be like what you mean to have a specific gender?
  9. No no, I meant that my android isn't designed to chase after criminals and stuff..
  10. oh well we can make more ideas.
  11. Alright, have anything else you have in mind?
  12. You made need to make a new character if we want to Rp since most of my ideas are action based.
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  13. I'd be up for roleplaying with your android character if you like.
  14. That'll be cool! Do you need me to explain the jist of my character sorta or did you read the posts from above and you figured it out?
  15. Yea, I did read it! And sounds pretty cool oOo So unless you want to explain more, I'm good!
  16. I feel like it's okay to leave it at that but then again, I might need to elaborate more... Bleh.

    Basically it's like what I had said before, your character would need to take care of my android, and it's kinda like at a time period that's in the near future that's only slightly different.

    This is kinda my first time doing something that involves world building,so I'm still working out a lot of things ^^;
  17. Hey, that's fine. Honestly I suck at world building, and you're doing better than I ever did.

    So, over pm, or in a thread?
  18. Okay! And I think it'll be safer if it's in PM because some things might get dark D:
  19. Alright, nice! Who's sending the first message?
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  20. I will!
    Also, do you mind if I play more than one character sometimes?
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