I need a life...and RP...

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  1. This is a really pointless rant and I'm probably the only one in this situation but has anyone else ever just had to much time? I mean, to a point where you can afford to continueously refresh your web page to check if someone has replyed to a RP? Where you can actually work off of multiple Role Play sites at a time without feeling over worked?

    Well, I do.

    It bothers me too! I know there are people thinking-

    ' You're upset about having free time?! I'd kill for that! I'm so busy with work/ family/ sickness/ etc.'

    - but honestly, it's not that great...

    I'm sort of anti-social since I moved to different states and I have made friends to talk with at school but it's not the same. I've only left my house once to hang out with friends somewhere that wasn't a school function. It's depressing, I know, but I'm trying to make it work...though it really isn't.

    I miss old friends, the ones I've known the longest and to really trust, and I'm not the social butterfly I was when I was in gradeschool, I'm a little more quiet and reserved and defiantely not the person to make plans with another.

    So to fill the growing need for socialization I turned into a RP addict. It's kind of frightening really. I rush my homework and other duties just so I can get on and check if someone replied to a RP, when I see someone hasn't posted in a long time I get frustrated because I want to continue the story and get further along with it, I hop from site to site trying to get my fix and I probably have more RPs going on than I can count on my fingers and toes.

    The really scary part is that I want more! I just can't get enough of the fantasy and plot and romance that I create with someone or someones , depending on the RP size. It's probably unhealthy to be doing this but it's better than locking myself away in a closet waiting from someone I don't really know that well to call me and invite me somewhere. I'm also social at school and I am eager to take an invite when I get it.

    In the end I just don't know, it's good and bad, both healthy and unhealthy, I'm not even sure if my upsetness is for a decent reason...Either way, I'm still bored and with all the free time in the world so until I find something else to fill my time I'll just wander the web looking to feed my RP hunger.

    If you are the same as me, hit me up! let's talk and help each other get our fix...Wow, that sounded like I was dealing drugs...lovely...Though, I am serious about talking, I have plenty of time.
  2. With your age and circumstances it's totally normal to have a lot of free time. XD Eventually, though you become better friends with people, and the longer you live there and the older you get, the more you go out and do stuff and the less time you have for roleplaying.

    They always leave me in the end. ;_; Especially when college rolls around.
  3. Moved around a lot as a kid myself, even left the country leaving behind my cousins who were like brothers and my sister and her son. For me RPing represents a chance to explore facets of humanity that an unstable life denied me the opportunity to experience and to be people I cold have been if things had happened differently. I work 54 hours a week and I still cant get enough RP and remain active enough to be a super moderator so no matter how much or how little free time you have the addiction does not change, its always there, its always growing even then you're out of contact with those you usually plot with and theres no better place to get hooked than Iwaku. Just roll with it, find plotpartners that work for you and churn out the awesome.

    *pets diana* Don't worry, I'm never going to college.
  4. Diana: I won't leave you~ *huggles*

    Vay: Of course, Rolling with it is what I do best...I just wish everyone had as much free time as I did so that we could Rp lots! XD
  5. I wish they did too. XD

    But then people would fail their classes, lose their jobs, and be lonely and unloved. o________o So I think I'll try to behave and at attempt to control the addiction!

    As long as there's a little roleplaying everyday, you survive. >>; It's the not getting to roleplay at ALL those days that really sucks!
  6. Yeah, people need to going outside of the house every once in a while to get some sun...and I hate those kind of say too Diana, because I'm just left sitting still, bored out of my mind.
  7. You tried painting? Or something else to keep your hands busy (NO THAT!!!!) No one other than corvus sees the models I paint but it helps just to do it.
  8. Heh, I can relate, Harpy.
    When I'm not super busy, I'm super bored. .__.;
    Anyway, you can always hit me up for roleplays <3
    And Diana, I won't leave you! I've been here since middle school. ;_;
    Have more faith in me!
  9. You're not alone Miss Harpy. I have this problem too. Although sometimes (like right now) things just get to busy IRL for me to focus on RP. WHen I can't rp I find my self fantasizing about it, thinking up plots in my head and such > <

    As for the Boredom and anti-social-ness, I can relate to that too. Like Vay said, hobbies help. Find something that interests you and get into it.
  10. I do have a hobby actually, it's baking. When ever I can get into the kitchen I love cooking...sadly I don't get to do it often because my parents are gone a lot and they don't want me making big meals while they are not home.
  11. Long as we're getting confessional, this point in my life, the last couple of months adding up as well as those to come, are the worst I've ever experienced. I try to place my old friends, my peers in my shoes, and I can see them just falling to pieces beneath the enormity of what I'm now facing. Its... its bad, folks. Bad. Think worst case, then multiply it. The only thing I have in my favor is I'm alive and relatively healthy, and have the mercies and love of the couple of people that have always watched over me in my life.

    I am not one to gloat, or boast, but the situation is so bad that I have GOT to be proud of my ability to stand it. I'm not okay. Each night I collapse in tears, and awaken with the bitter aftertaste of memories I will never, ever get back. Its terrible. But life goes on, and we must seize every opportunity to enjoy it and grow.

    That being said, I too have an ABUNDANCE of spare time on my hands, and intend to use it towards the nefarious goal of RP. I love to write, to create, to destroy. To pretend. I NEED to. Because the longer I can keep my head away from what's going down, the better off I will be.

    That's why I hunted down this site. And while I have all this time, I don't want to spread myself too thin or put out low quality, so I've kinda just been waiting for someone to throw a burlap sack over my head and drag me into their van.

    Of course, every conceivable problem in the world can be solved with a good meal. Its on you, Harpy, to make me some cookies. :I
  12. Sorry to hear your troubles Releaser, I hope that your life takes a turn for the better soon. I am blessed to have free time and not have negitive circumstances be the cause of it. Also, I will gladly bake you cookies~ I hope you like chocolate chip! 8D

    *Shoves massive plate of cookies into Releaser's face*

    Anywho, if you're looking for a RP I will galdly start one with you, I have my white van ready and a burlap sack in hand!
  13. -Devours the cookies, and plate as well, smearing his face all attractive like.- OMF OMF OMF FMOMF MOFOMFOMF OM NOM.

    Hey. I'll do anything. And thanks for the hopes.
  14. No problem, we all need a little hope now and then. And if you want, I can PM you and we can start sharing Ideas back adn forth for a RP. 83
  15. Do it. You won't do it. Look at you. You won't do it. DO IT.
  16. -jumps around pouting- nyeah! I have too much time like you. I'd always end up coming home homework already finished or going to be finished in studyhall. I mean right now I will be pilled with games XD since I got like four for my birthday, but even then it only enterains for so long untill you beat it then you play though it again like a year later ><
  17. Yeah, games can be entertaining for so long...

    Oh, and Releaser, I sent ya a PM.
  18. I also have your problem LadyHarpy. I am constantly refreshing my pages, because I love RP. It gives me a chance to live another life, possibly a better life, and to have people who you can talk to, for me, there is no greater feeling.

  19. Heh, I just refreshed this page.