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I need a character to draw o , o (humans and human

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yamineko123and4, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Hi! Post a detailed rpc skele and i'll draw a bust of the character. I'll let you know if/when I will draw it.
    I'm not drawing furry or animals. Just human and humanlike characters. Of and like me now if you want them realistic, anime or a combination of the two. : )
  2. Hey there, I have a strange request actually. Here is the thing, I have an idea for a series I'd like to work on. Long story short, one of the characters is a cyborg. Thing is, he happens to also be a functioning washing machine. So he's been nicknamed "Washer". Anyway, on to his appearance.

    Age: 15
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 116

    I have him envisioned as a kinda cocky looking kid, but still rather scrawny. Sarcastic. His hair is pulled back into a longish pony tail, and I picture being white on the top half and black on the lower.

    He wears a lab coat which is never closed, revealing where his chest would usually be, a metallic, sleek body with a port hole where his stomach would be. One arm is robotic. He wears long blue jeans, which have been slight torn.

    His character:

    Washer is never taken seriously. Not because people think he's stupid or weak. Cause everyone sees him as the class clown. Which he's not. He tries his hardest to be a mad scientist, but things don't always work in his favor. He's sensitive about his lack of strength(partly due to the fact his augments were supposed to fix that, but other circumstances arose.). Because of this, he is either trying to prove he can do it, and that he is serious. He's a mad scientist after all!

    Sorry for how janky this seems. I can try to give you more details if you'd like. As for the style, if you could try to make it looks anime, but with a little western animation mixed in, that'd probably work best. Like Teen Titans
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  3. I like your character XD haha I'll send you a pm in a few hours. I'm about to KO XD ttyl
  4. Do you have any examples of your work?
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  5. Wow?? Do you have any specific details you'd like? Like, do you just need an overall description or do you want a level of detail like shapes of individual facial features?
  6. Just give me what you have and i'll ask if I need more. : ) facial features are a plus and personality is a key. Tell me who that character is and how they act.
  7. Here's some stuff from a bio I have laying around. Let me know if you want more detail on anything. :o

    Name: Sarah Gallo
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Power(s): Lightning magic
    Likes: Rainy weather, metal music with female singers, sarcasm
    Dislikes: Bad jokes, gender bias, pranks, being out of the loop, guns
    Hobbies and interests: Collecting antique knives, writing fiction, treasure hunting, human psychology
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Style of dress: Layers, lots of pockets, warm colors
    Job: Electricity supplier at a local power plant
    Text color: #D3D300
    Theme song: Becca - I'm Alive!

    Physical description: As the only girl in her family, Sarah had always gone out of her way to garner a tough image, and those habits have persisted long after everyone went their separate ways. Her blonde hair sits in a chin-length bob, but she cuts it herself and she's no stylist. "Small dog syndrome" hits her hard thanks to her short, skinny build and narrow facial features, and you'll often see her with a smirk or a scowl on her face. If needed, she can be identified by the fractal scars on her chest and back (magical mishaps early in the learning process), and the smaller marks on her arms and palms (some of the deeper blade wounds she's gotten).

    Personality: Sarah's personality often reflects the element she controls. She is abrasive and stern, always cutting right to the chase without concern for the feelings of the person she's talking to. She usually does mean well; she just doesn't know how to go easy on someone. She likes to think of herself as extremely savvy and perceptive, and for the most part, she is (though not to the same extent as she thinks), but not when her temper clouds her judgment. The quickest way to make her angry is to target her aggressively feminist attitude and underestimate her or any other women.
  8. Are you still doing these? If you have time and opportunity, I'd be happy if you drew one of mine! I had a hard time finding a faceclaim that suited him.
    Simon Peter Deerbourne (open)
    Age: 17
    Hobbies: Drawing, sketching out ideas

    Strengths: More mathematically gifted than artistically, he loves to draw designs for cities and buildings. Emotionally fairly resilient and patient.

    Weaknesses: Dyslexic, Simon couldn't read until he was about eight. He got used to being picked on a lot and found that it was easier to join in and make jokes out of everything than give them the satisfaction of his tears. He has a pretty low self-esteem and doesn't really think of himself as good at anything.

    The second child in his family and one year younger than his sister, Camila. His parents are fairly standard middle class but his sister is the real shining star in their life. She seems, to Simon, to be good at anything she tries. She competed in nationally ranked tennis matches and sang in the school choir while getting great grades in all of her classes. She just left for university at a good school with a generous fund to be on their tennis team. Still, he finds it hard to really be jealous of her. He never wanted her to know what school life was like for him so he always pretended that things were different than they were. He suspects that she knew a lot more than she let on but she never told anyone else and just let it slide.

    Simon pretends to not have any real interests because he thinks that he will be made fun of if he tells people that what he really likes to do is design buildings. He wants to be an architect and is naturally good at math but he holds himself back a lot for fear of failure and criticism.

    He keeps what he considers to be his "true self" hidden out of sight, away from potentially critical eyes, that way he's never really vulnerable. If he doesn't try, he can't fail. If he doesn't show his real dreams, no one can make fun of them. He's a great actor and good at diverting attention, making him moderately popular and no longer a target for bullying.

    Here's his character sheet. For physical features how I envisioned: kind of a laid-back and easygoing, maybe slightly awkward, demeanor. I don't know if you're doing color or not (if not, no worries, just wanted to be thorough) but my vision for his hair is brown to reddish brown with gold brown eyes. He's meant to be a character set in fairly normal 1980s small town so clothing and stuff like that isn't a huge deal to me. If want more detail about something, etc. or don't have time to do this now, just tell me! :)
  9. I have a request. Could you possibly draw a Saiyan for me? This Saiyan has the body type of Vegeta but has a similar face to Bardock and the Hair of Gohan post Elder Kai training. He has white hair and blue eyes and wears Gogeta's clothes with two Potara Earrings on, he is not a fusion but prefers the look. He has a very serious attitude and a fiery aura when powering up (Just want a base form picture without a tail, and give him a scouter if you can too). I know it is a lot to ask, but I am terrible at drawing anime otherwise I wouldn't be looking for a good artist to draw this for me. Thank you for reading this and I hope you are able to do this for me.

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