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  1. (Please use they/them/their/themselves when referring to charles.
    The setting is in London.)

    "Alright...you guys can take a break." Casper said as he zipped the body bag.
    The team had scanned the crime scene of evidence and had drawn the silhouette of the dead man.

    Charles ran out of the apartment building after he changed his clothes. They saw the night sky turning into a pitch black ceiling with small white pecks for stars.

    Charles sat by the police car, lighting up a cigarette. One of the officers was their friend, her name was Daisy.
    "Hey, I found a gal you might like." Daily smiled.
    "I'm not that interested in females right now." They retired as they took a drag.

    "Whatever...don't we have a new coworker?" Daisy went inside her car, waiting for anything to come up.

    "...here they come now." Charles said after they blew out a small puff of smoke.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.