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  1. ... but my interests are a lot more mischevious ;).

    I hate prattling on about myself, like uck. But whatever. Here goes!

    -I like to paragraph rp, like.... I can drown you in a sea of words if I'm not stopped. I've been told I can be overwhelming but word vomit tends to just spew out of my fingertips in a disorderly manner. If your not into that, I'm sorries ;-;.
    -I like to rp most things, though fandom Rps aren't my thing as of late. I used to be really into it XD.
    - I LOVE MORBID RPS. I find the dark and scary tones make the happy times much sweeter and grip at your heart in a way most things can't <3
    - I can play all types of Rps. Though my preference is Mostly F x M then F x F and lastly M x M (( I've never played opposite a trans character, but I would like to try it :D)). I was an AVID yaoi rper years back and I'm looking for new ground here lol. Besides I'm still a part of that forum so I can always go there for boy love, though I'm not opposed to good ideas :(.
    -Slice of life is do able, but not my favorite. Slice of life with a bit of supernatural twist, I'm totally game.

    I... Don't know what else to add. Currently I have one, maybe two rp ideas that are rattling around. I've got a ref sheet mostly done for the female lead Jo ( https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/jo-jolene.12409/ ) for this Plot that I want to do here ( Through the Veil )
  2. I like the plot with Jo. I'd love to play the dark and twisted demon bahaha, can I PM you?
  3. Hello. I see that you like to plot and word vomit. This sounds very much similar to my style. I also enjoy dark plots, and original characters! Congratulations, you have intrigued me. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.