I made a promise, didn't I?

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  1. Guess what? Kitti's back, my dears. I promised left, right, and sideways that I would return and here I am. I've missed lovely, eccentric Rory, gorgeous and talented Diana, and charming Asmo. As well as the rest of you, without doubt!

    Is teal still the color of perverts, Myrn?
  2. Welcome back Kitty-kins. (man never used that suffix before leaves an odd taste in my mouth) Anyway welcome back and we missed you just as much if not more.
  3. So glad to see Miss Kitti again! The cbox was quiet without you!
  4. Oh my god...Kate, you know Pen and Demi are gonna fight over this!! *faints*
  5. *Sets fire to the paperwork and leaps out the window, laughing like a mad-man*

    Welcome back, Kitti.
  7. (Oh dear I didn't see this coming 0.o)


    I feel horrible for scolding her but I know it had to be done. Their bickering was ridiculous. I would not tolerate it.

    I am beginning to sound like my father when my brothers would get into scuffles with each other. Goodness gracious, I'm becoming my parents at the age of sixteen. That's not good.

    "What do you mean?" I ask her with a raised brow as she asks me if I'm kidding. How can I be kidding? I love them both in different ways, that's how mama used to discribe the difference between her love for the boys and the love for me. In retrospect, it is much like that for Pen and Demi. My brows furrow

    "W-wait, c-c-crush?" I ask, my voice returning to its normal stutters. Oh no. Penelope would never do that to me, would she? Try to gain a romantic relationship? Panic starts settling into my chest. But I don't feel the same way. I love her, God I love her, but not like that. What if I break her heart? What if I already broke her heart? What if she so desperately wants something I don't? She wouldn't lash out at me, would she? I find it difficult to breathe properly as these thoughts invade me.

    No. I can't ever expose myself to that kind of relationship ever again. I can't. I'm too scared. And besides, I love the friendship that she and I have. My chest trembles and I am speechless as Demi opens the door. I still can't believe what she just said. I don't even have the energy to question it. I'm so damn tired and this revelation is only bringing back the exhaustion into my muscles. Penny would never hurt me, even if I didn't like her back. Would she?

    My heart is pounding in my throats relentlessly and I try to distract myself as I peek into the room. I see a little blonde hair peek up from under the bedroom covers and I realize Cyrus is there and alright.

    "Ah...turn off the sun..." he mumbles tiredly and nearly incoherently.
  8. Ki-chaamaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    >u< >u< >u< >u< >u<
  9. Sae yer back...

    Good ta know.
  10. Quinn

    “No adolescents to my current knowledge, unless Penelope is much younger than she sounds. That may very well be the case, but I’ve yet to ask.”

    I seize up.

    I know that educated speech pattern...but there's no way. I'm still wondering if she's a hallucination or not! Moving on weak feet, I power-walk into the kitchen and immediately feel every atom in my body freeze over.

    There's one girl curled up on the floor ((Penelope)). Her back is to the cabinets and her chin is resting over her arms, which are crossed atop her knees. Her eyes are dead--there's no other way to explain it. I think there's a bucket load of shiz going on in her head but I doubt she'll come to any kind of conclusion anytime soon.

    But that's not water turns my veins into ice.

    It's the elegant, blind, biblical enigma of a girl that's been plaguing my thoughts for the past few weeks. It's Eve. It feels like my lungs are clenching into themselves as a multitude of emotions race through me. Surprise. Confusion. Relief. Anger. I have no idea what to feel, let alone what to do.

    Against my control, my feet take me to her. No--my feet zoom to her and I stop just inches away with a heavy scowl twisting my face. My arms are crossed and if I could be a cartoon character, smoke would be billowing from my ears and nose.

    I speak slowly, tensely, and with the absolute most amount of concentration I can to use simple words.

    "Where. Did. You. Go?"

    ((*Ah...well, then, I guess we're getting a pissed Quinn. Good luck, Eve!*))
  11. Ah, that explains it.
  12. Heehee <3
    Thank you all so much, I'm a touch busy still, but I'm here (mostly evenings).
  13. welcome back.... ^_^
  14. *Jumi... something, somethings this thread...* >.>
  15. oshi~ the ex-waifu's back!

    *runs in circles*
  16. crawls into the thread to deposit a "WELCOME KITTEH" sign
  17. Jason

    "Oh, Stockholm syndrome. Got it." John hit the back of his head with the palm of his hand. "What?"


    "Remember that conversation we had a while back about commentary and manners? About how certain things don't need to be said?"


    "Yea, what about it?"
  18. John

    "Yeah, our powers are based on elements of Darwinism. I can create weapons, shields, armor, etc out of pure energy."
  19. This just makes me so happy!