I made a promise, didn't I?

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  1. Guess what? Kitti's back, my dears. I promised left, right, and sideways that I would return and here I am. I've missed lovely, eccentric Rory, gorgeous and talented Diana, and charming Asmo. As well as the rest of you, without doubt!

    Is teal still the color of perverts, Myrn?
  2. Welcome back Kitty-kins. (man never used that suffix before leaves an odd taste in my mouth) Anyway welcome back and we missed you just as much if not more.
  3. Y-yeah just never thought I'd hug someone like this
  4. Oh my god...Kate, you know Pen and Demi are gonna fight over this!! *faints*
  5. *Sets fire to the paperwork and leaps out the window, laughing like a mad-man*

    Welcome back, Kitti.
  7. Ki-chaamaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    >u< >u< >u< >u< >u<
  8. Sae yer back...

    Good ta know.
  9. Welcome back kittie, if yah remember me at all I am piros brother.
  10. Ah, that explains it.
  11. Heehee <3
    Thank you all so much, I'm a touch busy still, but I'm here (mostly evenings).
  12. welcome back.... ^_^
  13. *Jumi... something, somethings this thread...* >.>
  14. oshi~ the ex-waifu's back!

    *runs in circles*
  15. Well, those are the only four roles I could think of, but guess there could be more.

    Inspector is like a typical detective. Runners are good at hunting down criminals as they try to escape. Coverts are usually masters of disguise, often used to hide undercover. Snipes are...well, snipers. If you have any other suggested fields, I'd love to add them.

    Bipedal isn't required, no. In fact, you don't even have to be recognizable as organic. There are two million different species to choose from. Get creative!

    Most gear is standard police gear, but think you can get away with cosmetic changes, as long as the gear still functions the same.

    You're part of a much larger force, but all of us are part of the same team. The team's are assigned to different districts every day. So we're part of a larger force, but we work as a group in a smaller sector at a time.
  16. Jason

    "Oh, Stockholm syndrome. Got it." John hit the back of his head with the palm of his hand. "What?"


    "Remember that conversation we had a while back about commentary and manners? About how certain things don't need to be said?"


    "Yea, what about it?"
  17. John

    "Yeah, our powers are based on elements of Darwinism. I can create weapons, shields, armor, etc out of pure energy."
  18. This just makes me so happy!