I Live in a Black Hole

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  1. Okay, this is a strange observation about where I live that I've had for some time, but I'm choosing now to share.

    I live in Binghamton NY, one of those small cities most people have never really heard of. It's located in Broome County, which is the same area that the guy who created The Twilight Zone is from. And I know why he did.

    This place is a black hole. And I don't mean that figuratively. I don't go on vacation often, but every once in a while, my grandmother takes me down to DC. It invariably takes more time to leave than to come back.

    We leave her house at between 8 and 9 in the morning, drive south through the states, stop at rest stops, and inevitably get stuck in traffic for about an hour. We arrive at our hotel at around five, just in time to eat at a restaurant.

    We have our fun, yadda yadda, then we pack up to go at the end of the week. We leave at between 8 and 9 again, still stopping at every rest stop. Usually the north traffic isn't as conjested, but we sometimes stop on the way back at a candy outlet in PA. The detour plus time spent is usually about an hour.

    Everything taken into account, we should arrive back at her house at around five, just like when we went, right? Same speed, same route, same travel delays, same time. Well, we actually usually arrive just after noon. The area I live is pulling us back, distorting time like a black hole.

    I live in the f@#king Twilight Zone!
  2. Maybe it's your dad, in the future, telling you how to solve equations via Morse Code.
  3. It has to be either:

    a) Traffic, not busy traffic but the general business that makes one slow by just 5km so one doesn't notice slowing down so much.
    b) On average you start heading home later in the 8-9 area than when you leave the house.
    c) Your minds playing tricks on you, palcebo effect in a sense. You expect it to happen so it does, or at least perceive it to be the case.
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  4. Hm...maybe. But even taking that into account it seems like the times are just too different to be normal.
  5. If you lived in a black hole, there'd be no way to communicate with us because once you cross that event horizon nothing escapes.

    Also, Earth would be mercilessly pulled apart by gravitational forces from such a small and town-sized black hole so none of us would be able to reply because we'd all be dead.

    I don't think this is the term you're looking for.
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  6. whatever you dont break your glasses.

    see how it worked out for that one twilight zone eo
  7. Like Dervish said, you're not describing a black hole.

    Maybe, maybe you've got some wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey stuff going on -- but nothing close to a black hole.

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  9. I don't mean a literal black hole. It was the closest thing that mimics the properties I'm talking about. You seem to get pulled into the area, I swear time distorts, and if you live here you're pretty much not going to go anywhere else in life, so it's inescapable, too.

    All that says to me "black hole." It's the most apt description I've got.

    Also, loved the timey-wimey part.
  10. I very highly doubt there's any physical anomaly making your area experience frequent time travel.

    I'm positive this is a matter of time flying without realizing, forgetting small events, or a combination of small elements that slow you down that you can't pick out or notice individually.
  11. [​IMG]
    "The best laid plans of mice and men...and Henry Bemis...the small man in the glasses who wanted nothing but time. Henry Bemis, now just a part of a smashed landscape, just a piece of the rubble, just a fragment of what man has deeded to himself. Mr. Henry Bemis...in the Twilight Zone."
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  12. Now you've got me thinking about this;

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  13. You should watch the movie "In Time." Yes yes, the one with Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy. It's not a great movie, but it certainly isn't bad either, just a bit hokey around the edges with an interesting plot and world. It's worth watching at least once.
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  14. I liked that movie.
    Interesting concept to see time as a currency and how people would monopolize it.

    Hell one guy kept a million years in a vault as some trophy.

    One million!
    He could save so many lives with that.
  15. The whole premise of the movie didn't make sense to me. Sure you're 25 forever, but who would agree to spend their life away? It sounds horrible. And how would you even set a system like that up, anyway?

    That being said, it was still an entertaining movie.
  16. According to the commenters on the video I linked, we're sort of already in a world like that, as people spend their whole lives working, only to realize when they're older that they've wasted their time.
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  18. The movie itself didn't even show traditional money.
    It basically looked like a matter of "Spend time to eat, or starve".

    But how they got to such a system to begin with?
    *Raises arms* Beats me.

    As a side note I did find it pretty silly how Justin was just spending time willy nilly just after getting it.
    I mean I understand RL people are like that with money. But this isn't normal money, this is your lifes blood.
    You'd think that'd warrant a "I'm going to be careful with this" sort of reaction.
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