I Know We Got Rid Of Negative Ratings But...

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  1. Now I'm not seeing the number of positive ratings I have next to the number of messages I've sent.[​IMG]
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  2. Me neither, I just noticed it. :o
  3. I just noticed this too. I know it was there earlier today. I assumed they were just messing around with things :)
  4. I figure it's an intentional removal. You can still find a total positive ratings received count in your profile though, so that's an option for those who liked to see the number.
  5. It looks so naked though without it...
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  6. Yeah I did like it beforehand now it's sorta just an empty space.
  7. Simply something to take whatever happiness we can from you.

    No need to be alarmed.

    Move along.


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  8. It looks so naked! ): We need something new and colorful there :D Like lots of facehuggers and rainbows
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  9. That one is an accident. O____O We were removing something else, and it looks like it took out the post ratings too.
  10. I knew Diana broke something :D
  11. ^
    The lack of color was actually what made me notice so quickly.
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