I know this is weird, but it could work. (Adventure Time. FxF. Romance.)

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  1. Ok so this is here because it doesn't have to be explicitly sexual (I can fade-to-black or whatever) and it's mostly romance - but I only feel comfortable roleplaying with people aged 17 onwards as I'm 19. It just feels wrong to place this thread in the libertine section xD

    I love Adventure Time, and I want to do a Princess Bubblegum/OC female character. I need someone to play Princess Bubblegum, for a longterm fast paced rp. The Princess meets my character, who is a human-looking candy person, and their relationship is romantic but also very caring. The candy people are notorious for being helpless and delicate, and the Princess is very good at dealing with them (and she's also pretty controlling). So it's romance but also maternal in some areas? I don't know, it's tough to explain without making it sound overly weird. Regardless, it could be fun if you enjoy fluffiness and slice-of-life roleplays!

    Please message me if you're interested? I only really want messages from you if you're interested.

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