I just want to find a dedicated rp. Period! [Need M partner]

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  1. I just want to have a lasting, interesting rp. I'm all for smut/libertine scenes but that musn't be the dependency of the rp, I thrive off of strong plots/stories. I want to be involved in a rp that isn't cliche and stereotypical for a libertine rp, because it shows versatility and creativity. I'm looking for a M partner that can post at least daily that doesn't do one-liners (blehh). I want to have FUN and just rp! I'm feeling open, so I won't be TOO picky for rp ideas, but if anyine has ideas don't be afraid to run them by me! YEYAHHH! ^_^

    Rp's I REALLY wanna do:
    - Ex's get back together [slice of life]
    - Fantasy Post-Apocalypse (Think end times but more a skyrim universe) [Fantasy]
    - Harry Potter Rp Post Deathly Hallows [Mod-Fan]
    - Walking Dead: Rick's Group + OC's [Fandom]

    Anything else...type them characters! :]
  2. Hii! I would love to do Ex's get back together with you! ^-^ I am also looking for a partner that is on regularly and keeps the plot rolling.