I hope this hello post isn't dumb

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  1. Hey everyone! Just stopping by (I legit misspelled that as "stabbing by" just now oh god this is going terrible already) to say hello and introduce myself! Like a lot of people here, I used to post at Roleplayerguild but decided to migrate here after learning about this place. I've only been lurking around for a few days but so far it seems way neat! I love how everything is organized and the staff seems super cool. So uh, yeah!

    About myself? Oh gawd... *breathes*

    I'm one of those manic creative types who's brain is a mire of chaotic ideas. Most of them are pretty dumb-- like once I thought it'd be cool to start an RP that revolved around two rival coffee shops. Eventually nano-machines were introduced and it got a bit out of hand. Anyway!

    I mostly stick to more intimate RPs where the writers grow close and become super familiar and buddy-buddy with each other. Strangely enough, this means that I tend to gravitate towards post-apolalyptic stuff, even though I'm not a particularly big fan of the genre. I know, weird!

    What else? I work in movies and tv shows as a production assistant! It's super fun but it can make me really busy. I do find the work interesting (and it's a great way to pay the rent and make contacts) but I'd like to become a tv writer some day, and as it happens, social RPing is a great exercise for this particular career. RPing with different folks and trying to create an interesting and cohesive story while trying to have fun is exactly like being in a writer's room, which is where I always want to be. :p

    Anyhow, that's enough about me! Hope to see you guys around the forums!
  2. Hi, lost_wisdom! Welcome to Iwaku, and I hope you enjoy rp with us here. ^^

    Your work is fascinating, and I'd love to rp with you! One day, I also want to be a writer but for now I'm stuck as an Economics course freshman... Shoulda said I wanted to go to Creative Writing.
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  3. Thanks, Hanoko! Yeah, being a PA is a really awesome job, and I recommend every young person (without too many responsibilities) to try out working on a set for a summer (it's easy to get hired on student films and the like). It does suck when your show gets canceled and you're left scrambling around looking for another gig, like what happened with me recently. :(
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  4. Hi there Lost! ^o^ Welcome to the community!