I have too many ideas~

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  1. Hello~ I'm FancySockDragon, though you may call me Fancy. As the title suggests I have too many rp ideas. I'll list some things . . .

    Some requirements:
    *No one liners. I'll accept short paragraphs but- ugh, one liners show a lack of effort.
    *Romance isn't required, but prefered.
    *I like people who can add comedy to an rp, do with that what you will.
    *No Mary Sue or Gary Sue characters. Characters with flaws add in story and are more realistic.

    Some Never-will-I-allow-this things:
    *I probably should have put the no one-liners here, oh well.
    *I only use the fade to black method when it comes to sexual scenes. No exceptions.
    *I probably should have put the Mary Sue thing here too.
    *Don't be homophobic or extremely religious OOC. If your character is either of these, then fine, I'll except that. But don't be like that OOC, we won't get along if you do. e_e

    Okay, done with that.
    I have some plot ideas that mostly resolve around romance, The roles I put in bold are ones I want to play. The ones without any bold are the ones I don't really mind playing either.

    Angel x Demon
    Arranged Marriage (Where they hate each other.)
    Demon Butler x Master/Mistress
    Magic user x Magic cat
    Wizards adventure
    Some form of Mpreg something
    Artist x Author
    Scientist x Somewhat sentient robot

    That'd be it. Please Pm me, it's easier to keep track of ^_^ Most of these are based off of a Fandom.
  2. I'd be interested in doing the artist x author plot with you :)
  3. I would love to do the Angel X Demon or Magic User X Magic Cat story with you.
  4. Hello Fancy Sock dragon, can I call you sock instead of Fancy? I'm interested in pursuing the Scientist x Somewhat sentient robot roleplay. It has been too long since I participated in a science-fiction piece. Do you have any ideas for your character?
  5. @Trifected Alright, that rp was based off of a fanfiction I read a while back. So I have a short plot idea for it, so Pm me.

    @Fujoshi*Girl Alright, Pm me then cause I can actually keep track of that.

    @OddShot Alright, That one is somewhat based off of Big Hero 6, but there's a bit to discuss about the plot. Can we continue this through Pms?
  6. @FancySockDragon: Aww, I haven’t seen that movie yet! Plotting is great; I’d love to continue this discussion through PMs. I am conversing with a few people tonight. Don’t be surprised if it takes me a while to respond.
  7. I'm interested in doing the Angel x Demon one, if you're still interested.