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  1. I really don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I saw this on my brother's Facebook feed and I laughed so hard in a public store watching this.

    Basically, it's a proposed video of how some men pee in public restrooms. Whether it's true or not, I just... I couldn't even.

    Is that crazy of me?

    Also, normally I don't just stand around and watch videos in a store, but my boyfriend was at one of those blood pressure machines and I was bored...
  2. HowToBasic.

    Good choice, but you have it all wrong.

    We usually stand waaaaay further back and see how far we can make it go.
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  3. Okay, but what's with the foot in the toilet bowl?
  4. Gotta make sure it all flushes.

    If you've never watched HowToBasic on YouTube I can't recommend it enough. Would link it but on my phone, so it's a pain.

    It's just someone making a complete mess out of everything all the time. With eggs.
  5. That sounds like my new favorite channel. Thanks. [:
  6. HowToBasic gets old fast. He's the only channel I ever unsubscribed from because the dude relies on shock value and tries way too hard.
  7. I think it's funny............
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  8. I thought it was hilarious for about six months, but his videos get very repetitive very fast. You'll see what I mean.
  9. No, you know what. I already saw it. I saw where it would get old.

    Back to BirgirPall!
  10. The comments on the post are more hilarious than the video.
  11. I only needed 20 seconds. :/

    When something feels to reptitive in that short a time?
    You got a problem.
  12. Oh, HowToBasic. Silly billy.
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