I have some pairings! (Males needed!)

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Hello~ I'm Futaba and I need some men! Doesn't matter if you're an adult member or a teen member I need you for these One x One pairings :3
Keep in mind that I would like a partner who will figure stuff out with me so! No-
*I'm fine with anything
*Whatever you want
ETC! I need some help figuring a plot out!!

Okay now time for the one x ones ;3

Fantasy/Medieval fantasy/Medieval:

Troll x Valley girl
Robot x Valley girl
Elf prince x Valley girl
Viking prince/king x Valley girl
King/Prince x Princess
Viking prince/King x Elf princess
Pirate x Lost princess
Thief x Lost princess
Gypsy x Guard

Slice of life/Romance:
Bad boy x Bad girl?
Depressed x Happy go lucky
Lost Best friends
Plot ---->[spoili]YC and MC have been close friends ever since they were born but one day at the age of 8 MC got into a horrible accident and passed away. YC blaming themselves for her death until 10 years after the accident she comes back as a spirit to finish unfinished business that will help her move on [/spoili]
(That role-play isn't for everyone! But if you really want to do it PM me ^^)
PDSD x Depression
Unexpected love (Roommates)
Gamer girl x Popular boy

Can killers love?: Killer x Girl
or if you don't want romance PM me and we can talk about a plot
for a little girl meeting a lonely killer.

Jeff the killer x Girl
[spoili](Yes o-o I will go there.)[/spoili]
Creepy pasta x Girl?

TEEN!Dipper x TEEN!Mabel [spoili](Cause I like pincest!)[/spoili]
Wirt x Girl [spoili](Over the garden wall)[/spoili]
Finn x Flame princess

That is all I have my little flowers ^^ PM me if you'd like to do these!

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