I have some new ideas...

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  1. I've brainstormed a few more ideas for 1x1s-all of them romantic, varying from comedic to dramatic. Here they are:

    1. One couple gets engaged and their friends find out, so they all take over the wedding plans from the bride and groom.

    2. There are two rivals who can't stand each other, but they are common friends with another couple, who decides to set the rivals up with each other.

    3. There is a well known good guy against a villain, and everyone takes sides, but what they don't know is that the hero and villain are secretly together...

    I enjoy fandom RPs mostly, and there are three particular fandoms I'd like to do for some of these.

    *Super Smash Bros
    *Teen Titans
  2. I am very interested in doing number 3 - it intrigues me......

    Or we could do the second one with the Harry Potter fandom - Draco/Harry perhaps
  3. Draco/Harry...hmm...

    We can do whichever you'd preder. I don't mind either one.
  4. I think that Draco/Harry would be good to do - maybe Ron and Hermione try to get them together.

    Won't be able to get back online until Monday, so will reply then :)