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  1. I have some ideas! Some of them involve me being a girl because, I swear, I don't remember the last time I rped in a one on one as a girl by choice! Apparently, I make a really good dude~

    So! Here are some plots and things you guys can nom on with me!



    This would be a Modern/Fantasy kind of role play! I don't think I have ever had one of these before, so this should be fun!

    PLOT: A guy is dating the most popular girl in High School. That is like, the best thing for him since prom is only a day away! Literately. It's tomorrow. The guy rushes to do everything he has to do: Pick up his tux, get the flowers and things, make sure his shiny new car looks all fancy for his super popular, cheerleader date! The next day, when he goes to pick her up from her house, he finds her answering the door looking a HOT MESS. Her hair is disheveled, lipstick is everywhere, and there are even stains on her dress. Before he can ask what the hell happened to her, she forces him into his car to drive them to the prom that she can not miss. Even looking as disgusting as she is, she still thinks she can be prom queen. >>

    On the way to the school, however, he barely misses hitting a girl as she zipped right across traffic. The car loses control and the guy and his date swerve out of the road, about to hit a pole! Suddenly, the girl that was almost hit holds up her hands and creates a shimmering force field of pink and purple, right before the impact could happen! The prom date is knocked out and the guy looks strangely at the girl with hot pink hair who hops up to the window, saying, "Woah, geez. What happened to her dress?"

    BASICALLY: Sindy has powers! She can create force fields! She can run fast, but not super super fast! She can see into the futre! The bad thing is...she believes that the guy she saved could help save her home world, Drixia, from impending doom.

    But first, she reaaaally wants to go to prom. o__o

    Requirements: I need a guy. Or a girl that can play as a guy, like me! :D


    Better Off Nonexistent


    Okay, see now, I actually wanna be the dude! XD This is kinnnnda a Modern/Supernatural with a Romantic subplot! >:3

    PLOT: Simpler plot than Sindy! Kyle Woods was an everyday do gooder. He lived by his Mom's rules. He loved his little sister Annice like crazy. He went to school everyday and always gave time to his closest friends. He was never the guy for cigarettes and drinking and that thing. His grades weren't the best, but this was his second year. Oh, and he was a great guitar player. He was the perfect guy!

    Until he got shot.

    Then everything changed.

    Kyle Woods died on April 5th at 5:22AM in Harrison County Hospital. 17 minutes later, he woke up as a completely different person. Same appearance, same clothes. Only now, he was an asshole. His personality died with him. The odd thing is, however, the doctors could not see him. All they saw was a dead body lying on the bed next to a flat line screen. Kyle stood erect and said absolutely nothing. Now, Harrison County was grieving the lost of good ole' Kyle Woods, while the assholish, ghost-like version of himself still roamed.

    His mother or sister couldn't see him. No one could see him. But, oddly enough, a blind girl at a movie theater could hear him cursing the movie away clearly, whereas no one else could hear a thing he said. Now, Kyle is determined to find out why she, out of everyone on the planet, could notice him.

    Requirements: I need a chick! Woot! She just has to play a BLIND chick. Sooo...err....good luck with that!

    Would You Shut up?


    Annnnnddddd now I'm embracing my inner anime! FANTASY. ALL THE WAY. WOO. And maybe romance. >>

    PLOT: Wari hates everyone. Every child, mother, man, innocent old lady, cat. Everything and everyone. Which is why he works for the Nagisma. The Nagisma are a secret orginization out to push their forces to small and innocent towns that have no reason being there except to take up space. They plan on wiping out every town and everyone in it just to branch out their main land of Nagi, which is exactly why Wari is with them. He's the kind of cold blooded killer they need to help make that plan possible. He's fast, he's got fire and wind powers, and he has no care for anyone in the world.

    Until he meets King Nagi's daughter.

    She lives in a small, no nothing town called Gerotate, a town that the Nagisma are planning on destroying. King Nagi is fully aware that his daughter is in that town, but he still giving the ok-go to have it demolished. She apparently decided to live with the nobodies of Gerotate on her own accord so this is her 'punishment.'

    However, after spotting her by a tree picking fruit one day, Wari can't seem to get rid of her. She's there wherever he seems to go and, after verbally telling her he would kill her dead, she still won't leave him alone. On word of hearing that Nagi plans on demolishing Gerotate, Wari joins The Nagisma in there destruction of the village, but when it came time to kill King Nagi's daughter, Wari....hesitates.



    Terra-Sota: Malevolence


    Holy crap. Second attempt at Sci-Fi. O__O

    PLOT: Good ole' planet Pirena is at war again. This is nothing different for Terra-Sota, Second Recruit c-7 RGA Pilot for Pirena. All the war is doing is making her do drill after drill over the same thing: Emergency drills, Evacuation procedures, Do's and Don'ts on how to get the c-7 RGA's to run well when damaged. The same old same old. Terra-Sota, being a Second Recruit, has only gotten to help the major Pirena Frontline Pilots in getting into the c-7 RGA's, but never being allowed to pilot one herself. She's simply not ranked high enough.

    The war is pressing on against Yurvack, the main enemy planet for about 2 years. The same threats of nuclear war, the same dog fights in the air, the same ground troops coming back wounded, amputated, or dead. Terra-Sota has done nothing but wish the c-7 RGA Pilots good luck as they fly off into the rusty skies of Pirena.

    During the side screening of one of the ships, a First Major was knocked unconscious by a stray Pulse Beam on one of the main flighter Yurvack ships. The slightly damaged c-7 RGA was taken to the wing where Terra-Sota was working, along with a message from the General.

    "Have #3498 Terra-Sota run that c-7 to planet Taliz to hand off to another Flight Major, Tell her Godspeed. Those Yurvack bastards are not feeling generous today."

    Now forced into a c-7 she has never flown before with the newly conscious First Major in the passenger seat, Terra-Sota must fly through the laser and bullet filled skies of Pirena towards their sister planet Taliz, which could easily take about 3 days. The only bad thing is, Terra-Sota doesn't know how to take orders.

    Requirements: A dude to play the Flight Major in the passenger seat! He's too out of it to drive and Terra-Sota is too hot-headed to listen to a thing he says, even though she doesn't know how to control the damned thing. GET READY FOR ME TO BE ALL SARCASTIC AND SEXY IN MY LITTLE SPACE SUIT. :D


    Aaaaand, I'm done! So, yeah. Post on which one you wanna do! It's kinda a first come, first serve type of thing, so claim the rp. CLAIM IT. Cuz I'm seriously willing to do them all!


  2. I like the first one Sindy
  3. Hey I just through all of these and I really like them all, so it was kinda hard for me to pick just one...and I actally couldn't I like the sindy one and I LOVE the wouold you shut up? one, so which ever you would like to do more is fine with me. but these are great ideas and I would love to roleplay one oof them XDDD
  4. I'm kind of interested in WOULD YOU SHUT UP idea x3

    Edit: Uh, to late >_< I'm a too slow reader damn it!!
  5. Oh, damn.

    Well, Kronas, since you were first, you definitely have Sindy! I'll PM you bout the details shortly!

    Dammit, RockettStarr and Red! You two replied at the same time for that one! D: Rockett, since TECHNICALLY, you were the first to post, would you wanna do Would you shut up or another one?
  6. I think I would be able to do the better of non-existent if rockettstarr wants the other one
  7. Okay cant wait
  8. Well, I'm gonna give RockettStarr that one and let you have Better Offf Nonexistent! I will PM both of you on details as well!

  9. Okidoki ^^
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