I have found a addictive game

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LogicfromLogic, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. And it's fun as hell. My internet went out for a while yesterday and I discovered the T-Rex Game that Chrome has. Holy shite this has been so addictive to me.

    Anyone else have random games that they just can't stay away from?
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  2. Sushi Cat & Grow Cube on Gamefudge are awesome!
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  3. OpenSudoku.

    I don't normally get addicted to games though. ^_^'
  4. I've recently become obsessed with an MMO by the name Riders of Icarus, the Gotta-Catchem-all Style of game play really appeals to me
  5. I'm just surprised that you found the T-Rex game to be so addictive.

    Like... it's good to pass the time... when your internet's down... but... I feel like that's it's only purpose, really? To entertain you long enough for the internet to come back on?

    Eh. To each their own, I guess. o_o
  6. I was addicted to Sudoku on my phone months back, up to last year...
  7. A surprisingly addictive "game" I've gotten into lately is the Khan Academy math exercises...
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  8. There's this one game that is actually pretty awesome and addiction worthy (lol). There are five in total I believe. It's called Shift by Armor Games. The controls are pretty simple, arrow keys, space bar, shift key, and later, the ctrl key. Basically you're controlling a fellow and trying to find your way out of rooms of a facility you find yourself in.
  9. Captain Forever. Fly a spaceship, destroy other ships, and reuse their parts to expand your own.
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