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I'm Shadorai, commonly referred to as Shade or Shadow. I have not RP'd in a couple years, I've been busy trying to be an adult, but I got tired of it. I find myself with free time in the evenings and I miss the creativity that comes from writing and RP'ing a good story line, the imagination and adventure. So I find myself here, looking to get back into things.

I'm up for and willing to play in a variety of RP's, usually I play a character with a dark nature, but usually has good intentions behind his deeds. I enjoy being the outsider of the group, the one who's willing to get his hands dirty when others won't. My characters are dominant/aggressive in nature but depending on the story line can be passive at times, I prefer to play a "Dark Protector" type of role, but I'm open to other roles as well. If there are any villain threads I'm always up for playing an assassin or a berserker :)

Also if anyone just wants to chat or have an email buddy let me know, I'm always up for some interesting conversation, I'll be looking forward to hearing back from everyone.

You seem real relaxed. I like that.
Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you can find an roleplay that you like.
I'm Celeste and always up for some chatting. ^.^
Welcome to Iwaku, Shade. I'm October nice to meet you *bows all knightly like* I enjoy most of my rp on the darker side, too. And nearly all of my characters have something evil lurking just under the skin.

Anyway, glad you decided to join the site and if you need help finding a game to join let us know!
The cruddy thing about being an adult, is that people forget adults need to have a little fun too. XD

Welcome to the community! >:D We don't oppress adults need for play around here!
Hello, Shade! I'm Ozzie.

Dark is good. >:D

Let me know if you need anything.
Heyo Shadorai, welcome to Iwaku! I'm sort of an adult ish and I don't want fun to ever leave my life. D: I'm already too responsible, bah! So I hope you find many fun things to do around here and wake up the child inside!
Haha well thanks for the encouragement. :) But for the past few years I've been so busy moving across the country several times for work and other reasons, that I completely forgot about doing things that I enjoyed.

I figured it was time to start doing some of those things again, hence me being here lol.