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Should there be alien crew members?

  1. Yay aliens!!

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  2. Just humans!!

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  3. Alien/Human hybrids!!

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  1. This idea has been in my head for a few weeks and I think now is a good time to see if anyone is interested. I was thinking of making a RP based on a group of people who have woken up from cryostasis in a spaceship. None of these people can remember who they are or why they are on this space ship. They will find that this space ship has taken heavy damage and a lot of cryostasis pods have been evacuated or damaged, killing the occupant. Further more, they are in orbit around a planet that is surrounded by the debris of many different space ships.

    I am still working on the idea, filling in the details. If anyone is interested or has any questions/suggestions please let me know.
  2. I might be interested, OP.

    Concerning the main plot, you seem to have a solid idea about how it can start and where it should go. It only really requires some fleshing out. When do you imagine this to take place? Very far in the future or would you prefer it a more retro-like, think Alien, feel to it? This would give the thing a bit more context overall. I assume the crew that survive will likely, upon finding out about the crashed/ruined ships on the planet, want to find out about what happened. With their own damaged ship they could also be sort of forced to land on this planet.

    Now, depending on the poll (BTW I believe the ship should only contain humans), there could be hostile life on the planet. Civilized or uncivilized aliens. The former could mean they had an active part in making the ships crash or become damaged, whereas the other would be more vicious, I suppose. The story could evolve from there. The more civilized ones could prefer experimenting on the crew or using them as slaves. The other type might be just out to hunt.

    All only ideas though. Please let us know when you've thought of more ideas.
  3. It will be very far into the future, at the time of take off the ship would have been all shiny, new, and top of the line. But when the character awaken it would seem as if centuries had passed by. The ship would appear in disrepair and battle damaged. I will definitely have them find their way to the planet and exploring the surrounding wreckage. I was also thinking of having them slowly regaining bits and pieces of their memories to develop their characters a bit. I'm still torn on whether or not to have aliens. I mean it could pose interesting opportunities, but it could also be a bit of a mess.

    This is what I have so far:
    Lost Memories (open)

    Humans have stretched beyond the confines of Earth and into the surrounding universe. This grand exploration was done for many reasons, overpopulation, need for resources, curiosity. So as humanity shot itself into space, they explored new planets and lived amongst other species.

    For long distance travel employs the use of cryostasis pods, automated navigation systems, and faster than light travel. This opened up many new and exciting opportunities.

    A new ship was being developed by Arche Industries, the number one creator of long distance space travel ships. The Urania was the first of it's kind, it would be a long distance space travel colonization ship. It was being developed for the colonization of a newly discovered uninhabited planet that was very far away, even at it's fastest speeds, it would take almost seventy five years to get there. So the crew would be put into cryostasis sleep until their arrival.

    But something went wrong, terribly wrong. Those that woke from their cryosleep woke to something horrific, the ship appeared as if it had been in some sort of battle and then abandoned for centuries. Dozens of cryostasis pods were empty or jettisoned, even more were damaged enough to kill the crew member inside. Only a handful of people survived.

    The pods weren't built for centuries of cryostasis, so those that survived suffered side effects. Their memory was gone, who they were, why there were here, everything was gone. Now this broken and abandoned ship lays in orbit around a planet surrounded by the debris of many different ships.
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  4. I am hopingto get an ooc up in the next couple of days, probably not tomorrow since I work. So probably the day after.
  5. Sounds great.
    I have an idea: the ship was scouting the planet and found that it had "hostile" life, and called for reinforcements. They all went into cryosleep to wait for the reinforcements, and during that time, there was a war with the aliens on the planet, resulting in the near extinction of the aliens and possibly even the humans. The RP would be the characters trying to find out what happened, as they lost their memories and have to explore the ruins of the planet to learn what went on. Or maybe they have to continue the fight against any surviving aliens. Or maybe they have to help the aliens find a peaceful solution or something
    Those are just some basic ideas. I don't care if you use them, change them, or scrap them. Anything's fine with me.
  6. I love the ideas! I really can't wait to get this rp up and running.

    I was thinking of getting the ooc up tonight so that character creation can get started.
  7. Sounds fun, would definitely be interested :)
  8. I could come to love this. It really depends on how you flesh it out. Perhaps the OOC will give the depth I predict. Post it, post it, POST IT! :bsmile:
  9. Is there an OOC already? ;)
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