I have an idea if someone wants to jump on this bandwagon

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  1. Idea: (Based off a story I read ages ago, I wish I could remember the name)

    Sometimes, in order to make life better, you have to rid it of the defects.
    Something taken way out of context when the government started playing God and taking people out of the "system" if they were born with a defect. And the ones lucky enough to be born perfect, had to be forced to be the same as everyone else. Taking medication to dumb them down, wearing weights to keep them from bring too fast, too strong, too good. And if someone was to break out and try to be different and make a change in the world... they were never heard from again.

    I don't know if that really makes a LOT of sense, but if anyone would like to help it MAKE sense, please do. :)
  2. Are you referring to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? People were categorized into groups named after the greek alphabet (Alpha Beta Gamma), and they would drug 'em up to keep 'em happy.
  3. The story has this ballerina in it that was chained down to the stage because her talent was more graceful than the others around her. She also had on this mask because she had more beauty as well. or something. But a man had broken out of a prison he was in because he refused to be average and he busted in on the dancers because their play was being broadcasted on TV. He ripped the ballerina's mask off, freed her from her chains, and he made this speech on accepting difference and the beauty of everyone's flaws, skills, intelligence and so on. Of course, he was killed my the government point blank. And everyone watching just kinda went their own way because they either didn't want to be murdered or the meds they were one made them forget instantly. It was a interesting short story based off this novel. I wished I could remember it.