I have all these Fire Emblem OCs and nothing to do with them

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  1. Ever since Exalted March fell out and ended up in the Graveyard, I never got to use my children OCs for my characters. I'd like to do a Fire Emblem roleplay of some sort, but not like Exalted March. Anybody willing to Co-GM and plot with me about a new Fire Emblem RP?
  2. I'm game. I'm always gm or some random player. I'd love to be not... one of those
  3. Well, unless any Co-GMs want special positions, you can be a VIC
    I'll take up to two Co-GMs and if they want VIC spots they can get them. That means we have three VICs.

  4. Um... I've had minour experience GM-ing, but I would love to try to help Co-GM, if that's okay!
  5. so we have a gm and two co-gms now yeaaah! lets see if we can generate more interest. For that I'd recommend we begin discussion on the plot so people know we have a general idea as to what we are doing
  6. I would like to be a super big bad guy with OP powers and I can insta kill. Is that OK?
  7. @UltimaCircuit Glad you could come, no, you can't do that. I'll add you to the conversation I set up for the members of Exalted March who are still active
    @St O'possum As you probably gathered, there is a private conversation between myself and some acquaintances of which I have already confirmed at least one Co-GM. We're discussing the plot, since those who are not interested just drop out (Sorry Ultima, Xylime won't be returning) so I may add you to the repertoire. I already have a good portion of the plot generalized.
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  8. I am willing to be a Co-GM. Sorry i don't think i was clear
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