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I have Adblock?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kelsi Kitsune, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. Can google chrome really download, and use ad blockers? It has been posting notices, telling me the the system/server thing has detected AdBlock. That I'm aware of, I cannot download and actually use anything, nor do I have anything downloaded. Roleplay banners are still up, and rotating. Maybe the system just read something wrong?
  2. There is potential for the site to throw a false positive. The AdBlockPlus extension on Google Chrome appears as a red stop-sign labeled ABP on the top right, just below the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. If it's installed on your browser, it should show up there; however, there are other extensions that do the same thing which may or may not display similarly. If you want to double-check for those, take a look at your settings (the three bars just below the on the X [quit] button), find "More tools >", and click "Extensions". If there's an adblocker installed on your browser, it'll probably be listed there.
  3. While you can get AdBlock on Chrome (in case you were still curious about that), I think you would know if you had it. Since you don't recall downloading it, you can check your extensions, but, like Samster said, it's probably just the site giving a false positive.
  4. I'm also suspecting a false positive.
    If you normally see ads on the site that means there isn't an ad block in effect.
  5. Yeah, if you're seeing the banners but still getting the error then the browser is prolly doing something odd. O__O

    Try the other people's suggestions and if that dun work, check the chrome ad blocking settings and just add Iwaku to the whitelist
Thread Status:
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