I Have a Problem

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  1. I won't go into details, but I think I'm developing a gambling problem.
    I'm not using money, or anything of value - I can at least say that much.
    But, the thing is, I've no idea where it'll go if I don't nip this in the bud.
    I know it won't end well if I just think it'll solve itself, if this "maybe this time" mindset continues.
    And I'm doing my best to stop it. To a degree, this is working.
    But, the problem lies in the fact that the things tempting me are always shoved into my face, and I'm unable to escape them.
    I'm doing all I can to steel myself, and tell myself that this isn't going to work out if I let myself slip even a little.
    And I can't say that I'm a strong-willed person. I'm doing my best while it's still small and manageable, but I don't know if I'm enough.
    I can't tell anyone I know about this. I might be able to tell one of my friends, but I just don't feel comfortable sharing any of my problems with people I'm always in contact with.
  2. I don't know anything about gambling addictions, but I am a victim to an addiction of different sorts, and I can easily tell when I'm vulnerable to an addiction to something else.

    And when you come to that realization, it's important to tackle it immediately before it gets worse. It's best to work on the issue while it's beginning, because it'll be easier to get over the addiction.

    If you can't go to anyone for help, then begin sessions of therapy for yourself. When you think about gambling, do something else that involves your mind and body. Play a video game instead, read a book, turn on some distracting music, call someone you can have long conversation with, bake some cookies, come here to Iwaku and type until your desire to gamble is no more. Find yourself something that can replace the idea of gambling in your mind and help you to forget about it.

    It does work, trust me. My addiction is to physical pain. I'm working on conquering it by doing just what I told you, except my methods involve lots of physical activity like practicing punches, hardcore cleaning in my room, and other exhausting things that help me to forget about it. It's proven to be effective, so I truly believe you can find the will and the way to fix your problem. :]

    Also, you wanting to stop is already lots of progress. You'd be surprised at how much you can achieve just by believing in yourself. I know it's cliche' and I sound really lame... Gah, anyway. Having other people to support you helps, too. If you're afraid to look to family and friends IRL, at least you have people here who also believe in you.

    Good luck, solider! *exits via rocket jump*