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  1. Hello all! So I am new to these here parts and thought I shall start by dumping every RP fancy I have had lately here. So here goes.

    • Casino/bank heist RP - a group of misfits band together to come up with a plan to rob an obscene mount of money (think Ocean's 11, Reservoir Dogs etc). Each character has their own specialty - sharp shooter/pick-pocket/hacker etc.
    • Ghost RP - a murdered woman still lingers in the apartment of which she used to live. When a new resident - an (ex-)cop - moves in, she is stunned to find that he can not only see her, but also begins to feel her too - though he is the only one who can do so. She enlists his help to catch her killer.
    • Vamp RP - a vamp and a slayer reluctantly team up to take on the leader of the underworld - each has their own reason for wanting to do so.
    • High school
    • Apocalypse
    • Modern fantasy
    • Modern Disney
    • Modern Alice in Wonderland
    • Road Trip (w/ plot)
    • Storm chasers
    • Vamp/human/slayer/demon/witch
    • Angel/demon/human
    • Teacher/student
    • Cop/hooker
    • Doctor/patient

    • Vamp diaries - I would like to play Damon from season1/2
    • Buffy - I would like to play primarily Spike and Giles and a share of the others
    • White Collar - I'll play either Caffrey or Burke
    • Once Upon a Time - I would like to play Hook
    • Titanic AU

    Now for the Ts & Cs.
    - This doesn't have to be onexone, I also enjoy group RPs
    - I don't mind playing either gender, though I'm probably more inclined to the males
    - I also like doubling or playing multiple characters
    - Plots are good, as is character-driven RP
    - A lil romance is always fun but only if it naturally happens - I like the will they/won't they scenarios =P I do have limits as far as that goes however
    - As for posts, I try and match my partner - though I don't like one-liners or essays
    - Most importantly, I don't manage to get on too often so please be patient
    - I like OOC chat ^^

    And for that long and rambling post, I deeply apologise xD

    P.S. Anyone wanting to do one of the plot-driven RPs will receive mucho cookies!! :cookie:
  2. I'm interested in the Apocalypse general or Angel/Demon/Human pairing or the Vamp plot-driven rp. I'm not picky =)
  3. i real real real rela real real real real real real real like the ghost one and i would real real real real love to be the ghost ^^ mushishishi
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