I hath returned!! Oh wait, this is my first time here....er, hi.

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  1. Hello there everyone ^.^ You may call me Green~ I am one of the newest Iwaku's here but i have been roleplaying for several years before this, i absolutely love all types of roleplay, both regular and erotic. Though i have some rules about the erotic ones, some things these days are just disturbing....anywho, i'm also here to just chat and make friends!!

    If anyone would care to talk or maybe do a one on one roleplay (or possibly a group but my group skills are a bit rusty) just reply to this thread or maybe send me a pm!
  2. Hello @Green , welcome to the site!
    I know what you mean about erotic role-plays, I steer clear of them myself.
    What are your top 3 genres? :D
  3. Howdy Green! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome back to the fold Green, It is wonderful to meet you ^_^
  5. Thank you PigIron, Diana and Fijoli ^.^ I'm glad to be apart of the community here~ Oh and Fi you know i was kidding right, i'm not returning this is my first time here XD
  6. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
  7. Why thank you Cool.
  8. You're very welcome.
  9. Hey there, I'll bee looking forward to seeing you around :P
  10. Thank you very much Heliaca ^.^ Speaking of which, would you happen to want to do a onexone roleplay?
  11. not tonight, perhaps this weekend. I have 12 days of school left and I'll have a ton of free time then ^.^ if you're willing to wait a bit then ill be more that glad to
  12. Heh i know that feeling! Are you graduating?
  13. haha nope, ill be a junior next year
  14. That's 10th grade right? So you're like 16
  15. Ah cool, i have a little brother going into Ninth grade
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.