I hate you so bad

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  1. People YOU hate
    I know hate is a strong word, so you can use dislike if you want.

    Famous people in media, past or present. Fictional characters that actors play, or from books. Musicians, artists, athletes, whatever.

    Everyone's gotta get their hate on sometime, so tell me Iwaku. Who do you hate?
  2. I hate this thread :(
  3. I hate you so bad, you gon' wish I ain't hate you so bad!


    I actually don't *hate* because it's such a strong emotion. Besides, when it comes to hatred, it only means you're still thinking of them in some way. That gives the other person(s) the satisfaction of knowing they're still inside your head. For me, I simply ignore them. I don't think about them, and don't give them the slightest bit of time in my mind.

    No thoughts, no problems.
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  4. Most of the time I just dislike someone and forget they ever existed.

    But I have to admit there ARE people in this world that I flat out freaking HATE. I hate so much that I wish evil upon them. And I do not fear bad karma, because those people themselves are such mean, evil, assholey, useless dickshits that they do not belong on this planet. Luckily, I can't even use up a whole hand to count them, there are so few. >>;;

    As for hating celebrities or bands or stuff like that... XD Naaaaww. I might pitch a hissy and say "Urg! I hate them!" (LIKE INSANE CLOWN POSSE! D:<) But I don't actually HATE hate them. I just don't like it.
  5. Justin Beiber, Shaun White, my ex, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, anyone in my high/middle school.

    There's more.
  6. People and things I hate.

    Reubins that aren't mine
    Anyone who auditions for American Idol.
    Yes. I hate them ALL.
  7. This. A thousand times, THIS!

    Also Charlie Sheen, and no I'm not one of those people that cares about him beating up hookers. I've hated him since 1986 for ruining Platoon. Also Carrot Top, and all the members of Motley Crue, especially Vince Neil.
  8. Because, lets be honest here. Who hasn't beat up a hooker?

    Thank god someone else hates Motley Crue...
  9. I second Ocha's opinion!

    *starts throwing monkey-feces at October*

  10. M. Night. Shyamalan.
  11. Well...
    **Puts all the deep emotional things in a bucket and kicks them around**
    There are people that I really hate, for reasons and stuff.

    However, there are also more frivolous people that make me really mad and whom I dislike, so I will focus on those!
    The author of Twilight, for example. She makes me furious, because she writes books aimed at young girls whose main message is: "If you do not have a man, your life is meaningless." I consider this pretty twisted of her to do.

    I also sort of want to grab Michael Cera by the collar of his shirt every time I see him on screen and just shake him. I want to SHAKE some emotion into him. He always plays the same role (hint, it's "Michael Cera"), no matter what part he's cast as and it's awful every time!
  12. I hate VERY few people.

    I'll joke about it though, if I'm jealous of something someone has, I'll say "I hate you!" all whiny-like.

    When I'm serious, that's when I stop talking to that person, act like they don't exist.

    Hate for me, isn't about anger, it's usually sadness or hurt feelings. Anger comes from those two things. Chances are, if someone really hurt me, they're on that list or close to it.


    HATE THEM WITH A FUCKING PASSION. I hate how they're all buttery and smooth, but they taste.... they taste.... OH GOD I'M GONNA PUKE.

    Hell, I even have a $200 bet with my father right now. It started when I was 11, and he bet 100 that I would love it before I was 21, now he raised it to the mentioned cost, if I like it before 25.

    I should probably make him bump it up again.


    .... That and the fucking style that people cut poodles in. THEY LOOK RIDICULOUS, STOP THAT.
  13. Hate's a strong word .. and I'm a mild person. So, I don't hate.
  14. Now I have this in my head. Thanks!

  15. The ringtone I use for my mom! 8D
  16. I hate a surprising amount of people.
    Mostly human garbage without whom the world would be better off.
  17. I do not believe in the word hate. It is such a ugly work, nor do I dislike anyone. If someone "hates" me I just do not speak to them and continue to say nice things. Until they make me angry then I karate chop them in the throat. Still no hate involved just a good method to insure silence! :D
  18. The person who posts after me, yes you.
  19. I knew it! >:|
  20. You wanna know what I don't hate? Vests.