I hate being a Newbie haha.

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  1. Hello people! Well this is odd being a newbie since I haven't been one for a while. I have really only roleplayed on one other RPG site before, and that's TeenRPG. My username is also cosibella, and well this is kind of different from what I'm used to I guess. Help would definitely be appreciated. (:

    I really only RP in third person, and I range from semi literate to literate. I just really don't like one liners. I spend most of my time with human roleplays and one on ones in which I usually prefer to play the female part. I'm not too sure how things work around here, but I always follow the rules. I assume that rules are somewhat the same though. No god modding, power playing, etc? I'm guessing, but I could be wrong. I'm so used to being an advanced member, so it's weird being a newbie haha.

    Well, I definitely look forward to roleplaying with all of you! I have many plots always in my head, so I hope other people will like them as well. (:
  2. What is up my home sizzle. I'm Eternalfire, glad to see you here. Here on Iwaku you can do whatever you want with RP, as long as you have fun. Pretty much all the stuff you said is true, so for now just jump into RP.

    See ya then!
  3. You only RP with humans? That makes this delusional old man wizard sadface. And we could have been the bestest of friends. T^T

    Anyways, welcome to the forum.
  4. Usually yeah. I mean vampires, witches, angels, etc. I RP with, but I just don't do animal RP's. I've tried being an animal once and I failed haha, so I usually just stick to being a person.

    Thanks. (: I have one question so hopefully one of you could answer it for me. Are there notifications on here? I didn't know you guys replied until I looked at my thread, so I was wondering if you have to turn them on or if you just don't get notified when others post?
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    Yea, you have to subscribe to the thread. Its under thread tools on top.

    Also Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Ohhhh thank you! That helps a lot haha.
  7. Hi! Welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about being a newbie; that will go away soon enough! I'm not familiar with TeenRPG, but I don't think you'll have too much trouble adjusting.

    One tip, though: Around here, most of us don't care for the term "literate" in that context. "Literate" means you have the ability to read, not to write a certain post length!

    If you want to check it out, we also have a quick guide to some of the basic principles of RP used here.
  8. Oh interesting. Thank you for that. (: I will definitely read that, thank you again.
  9. Howdy Cosibella! I think you will find Iwaku to be a much more welcoming place to roleplay on. You don't really need to worry about arbitrary rules that just restrict people and make everyone unhappy. You can pretty much roleplay whatever and however you want as long as you do it in the proper place and all! Whether you are looking for someone who posts a couple sentences, or more words than you can read in one sitting. If you only play with humans does that mean you can't play with this kitty cat? I mean on the internet no one knows you are a cat.