I had dibs!

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    Jayden crouched behind a large bush, with his Riolu in the same position, right beside him. The both of them were peering at a Rhyhorn that was nibbling on a rock in the clearing - From how the Rhyhorn was there, Jayden deduced that the forest he was in had a cave somewhere and well .. despite not being interested in rock pokemon, come on. Rhyhorn evolved into a freaking Rhydon. Rhy-f***king-don! Okay, first he had to think of a plan. He sure wasn't going to spend all day throwing pokeballs at the Rhydon - Talking about pokeballs, dammit! Jayden chided himself for not restocking on pokeballs at that town, for which the name he had forgotten. Now, he had only two pokeballs left on him.

    "Okay, Riolu. Here's the plan .."

    Jayden whispered to his Riolu in a low tone, in order not to startle the Rhyhorn and have the Rhyhorn run away from him. He wasn't keen on a long, tiring chase just to get a Rhyhorn.

    Raising three fingers, Jayden slowly lowered each one, and then Riolu nodded in accordance to each, counting down every second in his own head. When Jayden clenched his fist, the both of them leapt out of the bush simultaneously, Riolu sending himself in a straight bound at the Rhyhorn, one fist extended out at him.

    "Riolu, Karate Chop!"

    Riolu's fist opened up in a straight palm, the side of it aimed down and slammed into the Rhydon's top, causing it's feet to sink into the soft marshy ground, before landing right on his back.
  2. Aurora crouched on a tree branch, perched next to her charmader, Spark. She saw a Rhyhorn beneath her, and she touched Spark's shoulder, pointing down at it. She smiled broadly, before swinging herself down silently behind it, putting her finger to her lips.

    "Spark, stay here and wait for my signal."

    She nodded, then flinched back when another pokemon jumped out at the Rhydon, "Hey!" She looked up at her faithful Charmander, who had also flinched back.

    "Spark, use Meteor Dive!" Spark's mouth opened wide, a fireball growing between sharp teeth, then he dove off of the branch, rocketing down towards the Rhyhorn, and in turn, the Riolu on it's back.
  3. Yes! He was so going to catch a Rhyhorn after he landed that direct hit, and he was sure Riolu was going to able to land so, so much more hits on the poor Rhyhorn and weaken it enough for him to catch it with even a pokeball.

    "Riolu! Use Lo- WHAT IN THE COSMOS?!" Jayden shouted out, rage and confusion coming onto his face when he saw the Charmander appear out of nowhere and shoot a fireball at Rhyhorn and his own Riolu. Jayden's Riolu nimly threw himself away from the bucking Rhyhorn and only managed to get slightly scorched from the Meteor Dive.

    Advancing towards the tree which the girl was on, Jayden pointed an accusing finger at her and shouted.

    "Hey! I had dibs!"

    Meanwhile, the poor Rhyhorn was in the center of the clearing, unable to move from the severity of the damage it had received.
  4. Oh, now that was just cruel... She ignored the boy, dropping out of the tree and running over. Her pack was full of pokeballs, but she rarely caught pokemon, prefering more to watch. She loved Rhyhorns, though, and wanted to at least make sure this one would be safe. She knelt down next to it, running her hand gently down it's rocky cheek.

    "I'm going to make sure you're alright, okay..?" she cooed quietly, before turning and rummaging through her bag.

    Meanwhile, Spark looked at the Riolu with confused eyes. He had never seen a pokemon like that before. He waddled closer to the other pokemon, "Charmander?"
  5. When the Charmander came over to him, Riolu narrowed his eyes knowing full well that the Pokemon belonged to a trainer that was trying to steal Jayden's catch and he was cross! So cross! The Pokemon even scorched him with that attack of his! Growling, Riolu held up two fists and danced around the Charmander waiting for it to get ready. He wasn't going to hit the Charmander before it got ready. He was anything but dishonorable!

    Meanwhile, Jayden gaped at the girl who had ignored him and went ahead to take care of the Rhyhorn. What was she, bi-polar?! First moment she was attacking it with a .. Meteor dive, is it? And now she was fawning it and probably looking for a potion! But he didn't care, he wanted that Rhyhorn.

    "Hey! I wanna catch that Pokemon, so dont you go and make it strong again and in the end I don't catch it because I will END you."
  6. Spark blinked, cocking his head. He had NO idea what was wrong with this pokemon, but it looked like it wanted to... fight? He couldn't really tell. He scratched the back of his head, before spitting a small flame at Riolu's feet as a half hearted 'attack.'

    Aurora turned, glaring at the other trainer, "Don't you threaten me, you're the one that stole the attack from me! I had done every damage calculation, until your pokemon jumped out! Now Rhydon's hurt, and I'm NOT going to let you stop me from helping him!"

    She pushed her glasses up, mentally reminding herself to find her contacts in her bag later, "You can have him once I get him to a pokemon center!" She was mad, yes, but the boy seemed to be somewhat ignorant as to her means, so she decided to give him the pokemon. She had no use for it, she usually just set them free once caught. She was a very Docile trainer.
  7. That small flame?! That wasn't even an ember! Was that weird looking Pokemon looking down on him?! He was going to make sure that Pokemon gave him an answer.

    "Riolu, riolu riolu riooooolu! (Are you looking down on me?!)"

    In a show of power, the Riolu then turned to a log that had fallen onto the ground and took a deep breath, before he smashed it with a single fist using Brick Break, the skill that he had picked up with Jayden when they went to that Dojo. Now that was power!

    "You don't have to go to the Pokemon Centre, grr!" Jayden snarled at the girl. Jayden was getting so pissed at her he didn't even want the Rhyhorn anymore. Furthermore, what was she going on about damage calculations?! Pokemon battles weren't about calculations. They were about who was more powerful and who wasn't and types and .. Oh. Calculations. BUT WHATEVER HE WASN'T GOING TO GIVE IN TO THE GIRL, NOT EVEN IN THOUGHT.

    Plunging a hand into his backpack, Jayden pulled out the bottle with a nozzle at the end with "Potion" labelled at it's front. He was going to show this girl what was being a trainer about.

    "What kind of trainer are you? You don't even carry a potion about!"

    Huffing, Jayden shoved the girl aside and began to spray the medicine onto the Rhyhorn, watching before his eyes the wounds slowly vanish from the administration of the Potion.
  8. Spark cocked his head again, before spitting another flame out, lighting another flame at Riolu's feet.

    "Char, Charmander, Char! (No, but why are you trying to attack me?)"

    "Hey!" She fell to the side, her glasses falling off to the side. She spoke as she patted the ground, trying to find the spectacles.

    "I'm not a trainer!"
  9. "Rio-lu, Rio, Rio, Riolu!" (You keep spitting fire at me!)

    When the Rhyhorn was more or less recovered, but still resting from the wounds due to the tranquilizing effects of the potion Jayden looked at the girl who had fallen to her feet. Oh no. He pushed her a bit too hard .. Didn't he? Damn, now he was feeling bad.

    Noticing how she kept patting the ground, Jayden leaned over and picked up her glasses, holding one hand out to her and then saying, in the best apologetic tone he could come up with - Though he still sounded kind of indignant.

  10. 'Charmander, Char, Char. Char, Charmander." (you're bouncing around me like a moron, I figured you wanted to fight.)

    She looked up at the strange boy, snatching her glasses, "Thank you," She stood, pushing them onto her nose, "Look, I'm sorry if you think I poached your Pokemon, but-"

    She spun as a loud snort sounded behind her, flinching back at the huge Rhydon that was scratching the ground, getting ready to charge at them.
  11. ".. Rio .. Luuuuuuu." (Oh .. Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)

    Halfway hearing through the girl apologize, Jayden was about to interrupt her before she too stopped, and then Jayden looked to the source of the noise. The Rhyhorn was pawing the ground, getting ready to charge at the both of them and ..


    Grabbing the girl by the hand, Jayden sprinted away from the Rhyhorn who had already begun it's charge towards them. Riolu, having heard the shout also picked up the Charmander in panic and began to sprint along side Jayden and the girl.