I found this Amusing...

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  1. [​IMG]

    Can you think of any others to add to the mold?
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  2. Yes, this is rather amusing. O.O
  3. no i dont but i think im "the space cadet" XD lols
  4. Haha; that's cute.

    I'm "The Weird Recluse" for sure.
  5. Haha XD I think I'm the space cadet. Actually, I've been called it before. :d I draw as well as write to get out my ideas. :) I have a ton of Word Documents with story ideas I have, and sketches lying all over the place. :I
  6. I'm somewheres between The angry dude and space cadet...probably a little recluse as well.

    The Angry space cadet who lives in the basement!
  7. hahahah lolz
  8. The Procrastinator:
    The one who waits and waits and waits until the deadline to finally writes anything down that trully comes from the ass. Though what sets them differently is that their writing gets gradually better within a piece becomes good ideas are hitting them in the face as they hurry to write things down, so all these good ideas are just splayed out on their pieces.
  9. I'm a mix of the Ray of Sunshine or the Space Cadet, ROFL.
    I don't get anywhere with my writing haha :c