I finally got that new phone! I feel so hip and cool with the times!

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    It's so... SHINY. And it can wifi and I can finally see what Iwaku looks like on a phone screen! O___O

    I named it Elsa, because I am a nerd. (My Kindle is named Castiel and my laptop is Skadi. 8D)


    Now tell me about YOUR phone! Show it off. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO PHONE?
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  2. My phone:

    Well done.

    Banners, balloons, paper aeroplanes, dragons, and Tyrion Lannister marching through.
    A dove release.... the works.
  4. My phone...
  5. Your laptop is named Skadi. That explains a lot to me.

    Also, I have an iPhone 6+!

    I don't have an image of the phone itself because I never bothered taking a picture of my phone (since in order to do that I would need to use a separate device).
  6. iPhone 5s.

    I don't use this thing for nearly as many things as I could -- probably because I'm usually just too preoccupied to learn how to do everything I can with it. Hah.

    Also probably the biggest thing I use it for is the personal hotspot when I can't get wi-fi by any other means. Because if I have my computer with me, and there's nothing stopping me from using it except lack of internet, I might as well just connect my laptop to my phone and get internet connection that way rather than navigating sites through my phone. Then, it's basically like I have data usage... for my computer. Pretty sweet.
  7. What kind of phone is that? Is BLU the name of the case that you've got on it or is that the name of the actual phone?


    My Galaxy S5
  8. I have the HTC One M8
  9. Name of the actual phone! I got this thing!
  10. Never heard of that kind of phone before. How are you liking it so far? Are you any better at using it by now?
  11. I figured out how to make a phone call and how to get on Iwaku! 8D

    .... that's about it. c__c;
  12. I got a new phone recently myself, just 3 weeks ago. It's one of these. Used to have a piece of shit that couldn't connect to wifi and was old enough that it couldn't access the current store for Android devices, the Google Play Store, because the OS was too old and could not be upgraded, so I only had the graveyard that was the old Android store thing. Even then, the thing was so awful that I couldn't effectively use it for anything but calls or texting because it was slow and the battery life was about 45 minutes of continuous usage when not plugged in.

    Now my new phone has a spiffy 4G connection that is just as fast as my internet at home, plus it can use wifi instead of using my monthly data, and it's got good enough hardware to be capable of actually doing smartphone things. I can check Iwaku at work and not take 60+ seconds to load a page, and I can type posts without my phone freezing up every few seconds, so I've been doing that a bit. I've also been playing a lot of mobile games on it, especially during the dead hours at work, which is far better at keeping me awake than reading (which was my only other viable option before now). It's great.
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  13. Sounds like you've got more than half the battle won. Is this the first smart phone that you've ever had?
  14. Yep. O___O My last phone was one of those brick phones
  15. Hrmm, could you show us a picture of the user interface? Maybe use the front facing camera so that we can get an idea of what the actual layout is and then go from there?
  16. I recently got a new phone, too. It's a Galaxy s5 and I'm pretty fond of it so far!
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  17. Galaxy S5 for me as well
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  18. Droid Maxx for the headless suit of Iwaku. :)
  19. I have an LG Optimus, but I totally miss my Samsung. My daughter dropped it and cracked the screen. :(
  20. One of these.


    I really only use it as a means to quickly/easily communicate with friends.
    And as a way to check the Internet when out of the house.
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