I envy the polish people

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  1. Seriously what the fuck half their government dies in a plane crash and the motherfucker in here travels all the time to Cuba and he doesn't die, fucking Chavez goddamn.
  2. Alcran had been making scrambled eggs, hash browns and sausage as he sung and danced, unaware of the people watching him as his arcana continued to flow around him. It wasn't until he was plating that he stopped, and that was only because Zeta had spoken up. Alec, meanwhile, came out of his own room and looked around with a yawn. He chuckled a little as Alcran blushed madly and quickly walked to his room and shut the door, thoroughly flustered by what had happened.

    "Well, seems that food is done." Alec said with a chuckle, going to the kitchen and serving himself a plate of the food, of which there was plenty for everyone. "And we might as well eat it. I think we have ourselves a shared class soon." he gestured to the tablet which was in a holster now, going to the couches to sit and eat. "How did everyone sleep, by the way?"