I Don't Mean to Toot My Own Horn, but TOOT TOOT.

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  1. Hi guise! It's Lev and I thought this would be something nice.

    Sometimes, when you meet a literally perfect person who makes you feel inadequate or you are just feeling down, it's good to raise your own spirits by giving yourself confidence. You can do this--EASY--by tooting your own horn!

    So here, toot your horn and tell us what your talents. Something AMAZING! Something you know you can do well!


    I am Levusti and I have a GREAT memory. I'm especially good at remembering names and facial recognition.

    I make quick work at correctly identifying identical twins or similar looking siblings.

    I work at a restaurant and, even if the last time you came in was over a year ago, I can almost always remember which table you last sat at, what your name(s) is (are), a story you've told me or your history or where you live, what you order, and your preference of food. Half of the regular customers I call "my" customers cause they know that they can sit down without menus and I'll have their usual order--drinks, appetizer, main entrees, desserts and all--without having to ask. This is assuming that they have a "usual."

    The most recent example, I met Richard and Amanda in February. I haven't seen them at all until last week. I remembered their last order (which was the first and only other time they came), where they sit, and where they live.

    Another couple had come also only one other time, Tim and Carol. They last time they had come was a week before Christmas in 2012. Even though they didn't say their names over the phone, I recognized their voice and order and I correctly identified them.

    Gary and Tom, the sweetest gay couple I've met, haven't been in since we FIRST opened two years ago. I still remembered their order from last time, where they live, and what business they own. When they came in two Saturdays ago.

    So there, TOOT TOOT.
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  2. I am Minibit and I am one of the most detail-oriented people you will ever meet! To a fault, really, but we're focusing on the positive here!

    I notice uneven edges, I notice sentence pacing without reading aloud, I notice the seams in "seamless" backgrounds, I notice crooked paintings and plot holes and fingerprints near lightswitches to the point where my boss actually had to sit me down and tell me to not be so perfection-focused when I gift-wrap chocolates for customers because I make sure the milk and dark chocolates are arranged evenly and I place the legend exactly center and I tie the ribbon so the shiny side is outside and I cut the ends to be symmetrical and I get the company logo sticker exactly centered and I make sure the gift wrap paper matches the ribbon and it takes too much time. O.O

    If you ever need something organized/optimized, I'm your girl
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  3. I am Sabine and I am a beast when it comes to reading. Currently I am pleasure reading A Song of Ice and Fire at a lazy 109 pages per hour. When I intentionally read fast, I can easily shift that number upwards of one-forty. Speed reading? Two hundred brah. Come at me.
    I read so quickly that people will start watching me read simply because my eyes are darting back and forth so quickly that it is, apparently, more than a little creepy.

    I also have a very sharp memory, but I must work to apply it. On Tuesday and Wednesday, during two 45 minute class periods, I memorized Hamlet's entire second soliloquy. Hundred and ten test grade, here I come!

    I have an excellent sense of time and my internal alarm clock is spot on. If I need to wake up at 3 am for something, my eyes will pop open on their own accord at 2:45, pretty much without fail. I still set alarms, but I usually wake up and turn them off before they ever start beeping.

    I am an excellent cook and baker. I don't measure anything except baking soda when I make cookies, but everyone agrees they're awesome. My curry chicken will literally make one of my friends drool just thinking about it. I'm also very good at thinking up new and exciting recipes- lime yogurt pork, sausage noodle casserole, egg-less cookie dough, gluten free cookies, truffles... and I rarely need to consult a recipe. I literally never follow one. It's there as advice, not as a rule.
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  4. I am Isho, and I can draw decently. Of course I'm not at a professional level... But except for my painting teacher (and my technical drawing teacher when it comes to plans) I don't know anybody in person who is more skilled than me at drawing or painting. C:

    I understand math easily. If only that was the case with physics... But I'll have to put crazy effort in that the same as my college partners xD

    I'm overall a creative person and I'm good at using my hands (this is the moment when your mind thinks dirty things. Come on, don't be ashamed, be a pervert with me.). Because of that, I always customize my clothes, bag, etc. For example, I painted on my bag the assassin's creed logo, but not the most well known and simple one, but the one Ezio (AC2) uses on his belt, with leaves and details and all that shit. And I painted the skyrim logo, the one that seems to be made of metal, on my college notebook. And I painted a corset-likep pattern on a red tanktop of mine.

    I can play the piano, and if I practiced again I could play the violin too.

    I read a lot. Not as fast as lady sabine up there, but I'm not scared at long and big books like many people. C:
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  5. Allo, I'm a Theory. I can draw and or paint just about anything as long as I have a picture to a near-perfect copy.
    I paint professionally and also enjoy building cosplays.
    Um...and I can also make my eyes look two different ways at the same time? I don't know, I think that's cool, hah.

    I can train animals (so far I've done tortoises, dogs, cats, and iguanas) Surprisingly the cat did the most, with sit, paw, wave, up, down, come, weave, and spin lol, and this was in like, thirty minutes of total time (5 minute sessions) so don't tell me you can't train your pet!

    I recently began cooking and actually am pretty good, I sell candy bacon at my local card shop for fun XD. If you haven't tried it...try it!
    Cover bacon in brown sugar and cook it!
    Um, the end.
  6. I am Diana, and I can create a plot, story, character, or generally be inspired by ANYTHING. I can come up with settings on the fly. I can think on my feet and design a roleplay's story or a character history, right there in the moment of playing. :D I really enjoy being creative and sharing it with others.
  7. I never give up.

    I don't feel like I've excelled at any one thing I've done in my life, but my consistency and determination always make me stand out in a group.
  8. I'm so awesome at the Soul Calibur games that it's made every one of my boyfriends, from past to present, pout and rage quit. (On EVERY console we've played on, too. Including a Sega, which I've never owned.) As a result, I've never had a consistent opponent for the game. (Well, I probably would if I had friends.) It's bittersweet.

    I am always analyzing my surroundings. I do this so much and so well that I notice things that others don't.

    I'm an excellent speed reader. I have yet to find someone who can read faster than I can. (Yes, I've done competitions.)

    I can create entire new worlds and roleplays in under an hour. Complete with races, history, heroes, villains, village/town/city names, weapons--the whole package. My brain just never stops coming up with creative ideas, even when I sleep.

    I'm a good poet. :] I've had teachers and professors keep some of my poems so they could use them as examples for future classes.
  9. I am LogicfromLogic.​
    I am funny and can quick think just about anything and have a knack for plots. ​
    I am a great cook and have been dubbed the best turkey cooker in the world from my friends to family (even though I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving).​
    I am an ornery man with a personality that would make any sarcastic jerk look polite, and I have a knack for psychology even though I am going to school to be a surgeon.​
    I can skim read and chapter books are finished usually the third day I have them. ​
    My strongest subjects are math, science and reading.​
    I am a good actor, but an even better stage manager.​