i dont know what im doing...

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  1. helpppp

    *sobs* okay so all this time i thought the forum was still switching over for like two weeks because that message kept showing up. And it turns out its been working for while and i feel so dumb right now how do i even make a blog post or find my old rp im honestly lucky i figured this much out i swear i mean every thing look s lovely and i think little easier to navigate. help m e i a m l o s t And a l o n e And c o n f u s e d.
  2. Take it easy and breeeeaaath. :3

    For blog posts, go to blogs and then create entry
    To watch subscriptions go to forum, and then watched threads.
    If you wanna find a rp you haven't subscribed to then you just have to search through the rp sub-forum you left it in x)
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  3. I'm not seeing that create entry button at all...
  4. If you click on the blog button, then check just under where it says home, forum, blog, etc. You will see that there is three alternatives, blogs home page, my blog and create entry. So there isn't a big button on the side like there was before.
  5. Hmm that's just not showing up for me is that because I'm on my phone? Maybe that's the problem.
  6. It might be because of that. I haven't tested the phone version yet so I have no idea how that version works :/ Some parts usually are missing on the phone, and since the forum isn't completed yet the phone version might take some more time to get done.
  7. No wait! I found it! Unfortunately I do most of my web surfing/ everything on my phone. And this is definitely not ideal navigating on a mobile phone but I definitely think it is better than before! Thank you for your help :3