I do free art commissions

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  1. I just want to introduce myself. My name is Teresa and I'm an artist. I mostly draw people weather they are anime, cartoon or real life.
    Mythical creatures I will do also but if you got something else for me then that's okay too.
    Unfortunately I do not have a scanner, I can only take pictures and send them to you.

    Here is some of my work:
    tess1.jpg tess5.jpg tess3.jpg tess6.jpg tess8.jpg tess9.jpg
    1937439_796879923735054_1946171283670814168_n.jpg 1513653_796879927068387_5197808574274179409_n.jpg

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  2. that is ok chick! I do not have a camera either, so I just use my phone to take photos too <3 can't wait to see your work!
  3. I posted some work, enjoy
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  4. It's lovely, Iwaku is happy to have you, keep up the good work<3
  5. Is this still, y'know, open for free commissions...?

    Because...yeah...I'd like to, y'know, put up a character request ^~^
  6. I second that question and the comment.
  7. ya go ahead and message me
  8. yes go ahead and message me
  9. Are you still doing commissions?
  10. are you still doing free art work if so msg me pls