I didn't even know!

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  1. This is kind of Romeo-Juliet type thing:
    Two rival families have hated each other for HUNDREDS OF YEARS! It was mine and his. Vampires and werewolves always hated each other. They have forever. But these families were different; up until both of the elders died at the same time and now both families are claiming the other did it. One day I was invited to a party. A mask party. We had to wear costumes. I was in a long, beautiful dress and a butterfly mask. He was dressed as a fairy. I giggled at him by the punch bowl, and as we talked it was love. At the end the hostess told us to pluck off our masks, and as we did, we found the truth. He was a werewolf, I was a vampire. Rival families, in love. He seemed disgusted in me and himself, and ran away. I was upset. I still liked him. But he would like me...