I did a little bit of an investigation, and it took me here.

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  1. Hello. :wave:

    I'm a latecomer of what people have apparently taken to calling 'The Great Migration'. I'm eager to find a roleplay or two to enjoy and meet a few new faces (alongside some old ones). I'm sure I'll enjoy myself here; Iwaku seems pleasant right off the bat, and I'm confident that my good first impression will be built off of into the near future.
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  2. fuck

    Hi nexypoo<3
  3. Aw shit.

    Better migrate to a new forum.
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  4. A more formal and not so random HELLO AND WELCOME, Nex! :D
  5. Hey Nexie!
  6. Welcome to one of the darkest corners of internet~

    Here you may find anything from mental illnesses to cute little kitties :)
  7. Nex, good.

    We need more people of taste here.
  8. *sips coffee* Thought I locked the door to this place...well anywho welcome aboard and I hope you have a good time here.
  9. Hey their, I see your a new person. Always good to see a new face here at Iwaku.

    Welcome to the site, and hopefully you'll find plenty of RP's to suit you're needs.

  10. psst, you should have shut the door when you had the chance.

    Now this guy is gonna clean up all the bad grammar in the place.