I did a little bit of an investigation, and it took me here.

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  1. Hello. :wave:

    I'm a latecomer of what people have apparently taken to calling 'The Great Migration'. I'm eager to find a roleplay or two to enjoy and meet a few new faces (alongside some old ones). I'm sure I'll enjoy myself here; Iwaku seems pleasant right off the bat, and I'm confident that my good first impression will be built off of into the near future.
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  2. fuck

    Hi nexypoo<3
  3. Aw shit.

    Better migrate to a new forum.
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  4. A more formal and not so random HELLO AND WELCOME, Nex! :D
  5. Hey Nexie!
  6. Welcome to one of the darkest corners of internet~

    Here you may find anything from mental illnesses to cute little kitties :)
  7. Nex, good.

    We need more people of taste here.
  8. *sips coffee* Thought I locked the door to this place...well anywho welcome aboard and I hope you have a good time here.
  9. Hey their, I see your a new person. Always good to see a new face here at Iwaku.

    Welcome to the site, and hopefully you'll find plenty of RP's to suit you're needs.

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  10. psst, you should have shut the door when you had the chance.

    Now this guy is gonna clean up all the bad grammar in the place.