I could use some people to PRP with

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  1. So--it would be awesome if you could go check out my resume and if you decide you want to PRP with me just post on this thread or private message me.

    I have a few ideas but it's really going to depend on what you want to do.

  2. I wouldn't mind PRPing with you and feel free to check out my resume. I'd love to hear your ideas.
  3. Awesome! Well--do you want a romance relationship between our characters? A sibling one? Or a friendship/enemy one?
  4. Hmm I do love a good frinemy or romance or both! One of the two.
  5. Cool. I like doing M/M couples so if you're cool with that, maybe we could do a couple that like. . . loves one another but they're kind of enemies?

    Do you want a more realistic roleplay or one with lots of action (spies/criminals/assassins), or one with supernatural creatures?
  6. M/M couples are perfectly fine. I think action and spies/assassins would be cool. We could make it historical, like medieval or Persian, and have like someone from an enemy kingdom or something sent to spy on a prince/king or something if you're okay with that.
  7. I'm not very good at historical because I feel the need to study everything about the time period and it takes away the fun. Spies work, though. We can do a conspiracy about something historical or just have a couple where they're both on different sides of a spy thing and they fight a lot because of it. Do you want it to be more our characters living with some action or more all about action?
  8. That's fine. I like the idea of rival spy boyfriends x D, I'm fine with either on the action matter, I'll leave that up to you.
  9. I think it would be cool if it was mainly about them living together and their fights over spy and normal things, but then we can also have action like them shooting at each other during a drug deal or something.

    Are you cool with that?
  10. I'm perfectly fine with that.
  11. Awesome!

    So--should we do skeletons for our characters?
  12. Yeah that'd be fine I'll start brainstorming now.
    I think I want him to be kind of an asshat but he normally means well.
  13. That works xD

    How old is he going to be and what side is he going to be on? We could always do them both on separate bad guy sides or one on the 'good' side and one on the 'bad' side.
  14. He'll be 27 and they can be rivals on separate bad guy sides. That way no one has to worry about anything silly like morals Cx !
  15. Haha, morals xD

    Do you want the skeletons on here, a separate OOC thread, or on the roleplay thread? Once we have the skeletons do you just want to jump in? Do you mind starting or would you rather I did?
  16. Umm the skeletons can be wherever and I don't mind starting as long as I have at least a vague idea of where you wanna start. Like he can be stealing some documents from some government for blackmail purposes or on a crown jewel heist or anything really. Also where would it be taking place America, England, Spain, Antarctica xD.
  17. Either America or England is fine.

    I'll make an OOC thread for our skeletons.

    Maybe our characters were both trying to steal something and either your character got it and is just coming home and feeling all victorious or mine got it and your character comes home annoyed with mine.
    Or they can both be trying to steal something or shooting at each other or something like that.
  18. I really love fluffy cute romance, or drama romance.
    I prefer to play female, but I can double up, or play a gay male if needed.
  19. I'm really bad at playing couples with a female in them. I'm sorry D:

    We could always do a high school thing, I noticed that you liked that. We could do boarding school roommates or just normal high school. They can start out as friends, a couple, or we can do a new kid kind of thing.

    Would you rather have fluffy stuff or angst with fluff?

    And I noticed that you're in the 18+ group. I turn 18 in about 20 days so if we're RPing then maybe we can move it to the 18+ group if you wanted to. Or just stay here. I'm pretty passive so it's whatever you want. There are just a couple of things that I'm exact about xD Like M/M