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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Corvus Corax, Oct 8, 2010.

  2. I am fearless.

    That is my confession.
  3. I confess OK smells like motor oil. Ew.
  4. I confess that its ACTUALLY cooking oil.
  5. I CONFESS THAT I LOOOOOVE YOU ALL <3...Unless I'm in a bad mood...then I get my hater face on.
  6. I confess that sometimes when someone messages me when I have the "do not disturb" message up on my MSN, that I want to sock them in the balls. D:<
  7. I confess that Arlon is the strongest bot and that I don't think I'll beat em a fourth time.
  8. I confess that I would really like slap someone when they tell me to 'shh'
  9. I confess that I don't open up enough, it makes my relationships suffer.
  10. I confess that I've had about ten minutes of sleep the last day or so.
  11. I confess that I did eat all of my wifes chocolate after I took my medication and convinced her that she ate all her chocolates when she was stoned so she'd buy more. And she'll never know. Cause she doesn't read here. But I feel better. Cause I have more chocolates to eat when I take my meds.
  12. I confess that I called the water company people retards for misspelling my name..

    SERIOUSLY, real life EPIC FAIL on their part, I have no regret or remorse or desire to take the words back. :P
  13. I confess that I really like Ke$ha's songs, that skanky lil harlot... o_____o; They're just so delightfully dance-dance skanky!
  14. I confess that I don't know what a Spiderbot is and am frightened when I see them on the front page

  15. I confess I've done something like this before and I want to do this... ^5's xmelesiox.

    Also I confess that I bit my nails down while waiting on the food to be done today O__e

    AND... that I maybe need to start acting on my own in some things...instead of looking to other people
  16. I Confess that I smoke too much.
  17. i confess that some days i should really take better care of myself >.>
  18. I confess that I gained my red wings not to long ago >.>

    (definition 1 on urban dictionary)
  19. I confess that there are days like this that I want abuse power and make problems disappear. >:[
  20. I Confess that while I should be working right now, I am posting on Iwaku, because Work is Heresy.

    and I confess that I just busted ass, 4.5 on the richter scale.