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  1. this challange is like the other music challanges but with one diffrence.. I want you to pick the song or songs and write me an awesome post with your music choice linked! you can have as many songs as you want, and write as much as you want.. 10..1000...10000.. I really don't mind, just flow with the music! you music can be related to a character..setting or event, whatever the heck you like :]

    for an extra challange you can make a post composed of music from a single video game ost, sound track, artist or genre.. they must be from the same thing.. so a post inspired by an Alice Cooper album, or uses tracks from the Silent hill video game series.. I don't mind who or what or how many tracks you use, as long as they're from the same thing..

    there are only two rules (other then the main Iwaku ones) to to note in this contest..

    1} if the song is rude, please only link it and put a caution note
    2} if you write something dark that may have triggers, please put it in spoilers.

    I'll also be doing my own post for this challange.. why am I doing this post in the first place..? I used to do a lot of these back in the day, and thought I'd share
  2. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: "Black Onslaught" by Faytxstay (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 'Black Onslaught' OC ReMix)

    The adventurer lay asleep, trapped within her familiar dream, feeling unsafe without her sword or armor. A cavern of light stretched before her, affected only by the steps she continued taking. But she knew it couldn't last forever.

    Sure enough, the darkness began to appear in front of her, its form unclear. Jagged black lines filled her vision, forming the armor and sword she had desired. But both were stained with blood and tainted by dark magic; it tore at her soul just to wear it. The darkness laughed at her pain.

    The girl, Kit, did something that she would have never expected to do: she ran. Behind her, the darkness only grew and began to pursue her. Kit would have continued running, but the armor was dragging her to the ground and she fell, unable to get up. The darkness threw itself upon her...and she woke up with a start.

    From one nightmare to another, Kit thought. The cave she had been resting in was not one of light, but of damp stone and looming danger. There was the occasional crystal or gold nugget embedded in the wall, reminiscent of the days when this cavern was used for mining, but they served little purpose now.

    Kit reminded herself that she couldn't be too cautious. There were monsters in this cave, lusus naturae that should never be allowed to see the light of day. It was only natural; this cave was the home of her kingdom's evil, the faceless villain known only as Kabudo, that she had been sent to destroy.

    But at least her nightmare had ended quickly. On most nights, Kit was pursuing the darkness, seeking to erase it, or at least understand it. But no matter how far she ran, the darkness (almost certainly Kabudo) was the same distance away from her. Then the black lines would appear, and it would be the same story. Perhaps this new dream was Kabudo's acknowledgement of his/her entrapment, a way of saying he/she would show no mercy?

    Kit was startled out of her musings by the sound of two wolverine-silme hybrids approaching her, ready to attack. She unsheathed her sword and waited for them to get closer. Then, with the skill her training had given her, she sliced the creatures' heads off with near superhuman efficiency. She bowed and was about to give an apology when the ceiling rumbled above her. With a slightly heavier heart, she began to run.

    The next few areas of the cavern were but a blur to her. She knew this was a trap meant for her, for her mission also required the rescue of the six ancient Saviors, masters of magic and combat that Kabudo had captured. But the very sound of the ground shaking had sent her into a panic even in her younger days, for reasons even she didn't understand. Thankfully, the shaking of the cavern freed the Saviors from their earthly prisons within the cavern's walls and they guided her to Kabudo's chamber.

    The shaking stopped. It was peaceful once again, but eerily familiar. However, the light was only within the walls and floor this time; the rest was darkness, formed into torches with dark stands and a throne with someone on it.

    The torches suddenly ignited with dark flames. The heroes prepared themselves for the fight that was to come. The person on the throne finally acknowledged the group's presence, standing up and looking directly at Kit. Kit and the Saviors were in the throne room of Kabudo...herself.

    Kabudo smiled. "Do you like what the mirror shows?"

    Not bothering to answer, the Saviors gestured at Kabudo, the colorful magic flying off of their hands. Kabudo didn't even deign to look concerned, throwing up a field of dark energy to absorb it all. Kit merely stood still in shock and horror. She forgot she was there, that she had a weapon, that she should kill Kabudo. It was as if she was trapped in that cursed armor in her nightmare yet again, but with no real escape.

    With a grin, Kabudo removed the field and absorbed the spells of the Saviors herself, making the energy as black as her own. It balled up in her hands, becoming a giant boulder. That brought Kit back to her senses, but before she could do anything, Kabudo threw the boulder and it exploded.

    When Kit opened her eyes, she and Kabudo were the only ones left; the Saviors' bodies had disappeared, not even allowing Kit to pay her respects. Kabudo lifted her hand, a wordless offer. Kit, swallowed by fury and grief, took the offer and challenged Kabudo to a duel. She pulled her sword out and Kabudo unsheathed a sword of her own, made of steel and obsidian.

    The villain merely grinned as the two began their dance, their swords clanging in the air. Kit tried her best to gain the advantage, but only continued the stalemate, dodging the dark energy Kabudo occasionally threw. Kit realized all too late what the plan was; Kabudo's dark energy had created a large pit behind her, and Kabudo pushed Kit into it.

    Kit bled on the dirt underground, barely living. Kabudo cackled above her and walked away. With what remained of her sight, Kit saw six shadows that appeared to be monsters; she closed her eyes, awaiting the end.

    But the shadows were the Saviors, or rather, the ghosts thereof. They put their hands over Kit's body and combined their magic. The resulting energy was sent into Kit, and she jumped out of the hole with newfound strength and power, revived as a warrior of light.

    Kabudo was shocked, but immediately threw as many dark bolts of energy as she could. With her magic, Kit swatted them aside with bright white discs and walked slowly to Kabudo. Kabudo attacked harder and faster, but her efforts were looking more and more fruitless by the second. Soon, Kit and Kabudo were face to face. Kabudo tried to surprise Kit by lunging for her neck, but with one last strike, Kit pulled out her sword and cut off Kabudo's head.

    Kabudo's reign of terror was finally over. But at what cost? Kit looked down at her feet, remembering the brave and influential people that she had been unable to save, the teachers that had given her and all others like her the combat training they needed. She fell to her knees and began to sob. She had failed her kingdom.

    (It's not very good, but I'll edit it when I come up with some better ideas.)
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  3. My story revolves around the EP Chasing Twisters by Delta Rae. I've linked the songs [youtube.com] in the story. As you read it'd make sense if you listened to the corresponding song. The order of the songs is: "If I Loved You", "Run", "Chasing Twisters", "I Will Never Die", and "Dance in the Graveyards". Well that's all you need to know...Enjoy.

    Loran always knew that she wanted to spend her life with Ryan, a childhood friend. They always understood each other and could practically read each other's minds. It was as if they were made for one another; true love. But something happened as they got older and closer to marriage age. Loran was clinging onto feelings that made her love Ryan, but they were out dated and old. Basically, Loran didn't love Ryan anymore. She even wondered if she ever loved him or was she just fixated on being loved. She often wrote stories about their life together saying, "IF I LOVED YOU". Realizing that she couldn't give Ryan what he deserved, Loran decided to leave...to RUN.

    As she left, she headed towards something. On her long journey she continued to run from her past only to be confronted by an uncertain future. Loran was scared and alone. She had no family to fall back on, no love to protect her. Instead she relied on herself. It was exhilarating. Realizing that she could recreate herself in a way she always wanted, Loran did just that. While on her journey she found David. He was everything she never wanted; crude, rough, and possibly insane. Despite all of that she fell in love. There was something that she couldn't keep to herself. It was as if they completed each other. Unlike Ryan, David filled the gaps that Loran had. He completed her and they decided to marry. Together they pursued a dream...they went CHASING TWISTERS.

    David was off the walls after his marriage. He loved Loran and did everything to keep her happy, but in the process his own health declined. Fearing Loran's reaction, David hid his troubles and eventually fell into depression as he went off his schizophrenia medication. Loran knew something was wrong, but only when David completely broke down did she realize the severity of the situation. Caring for David was tough on Loran, but she loved him nevertheless. Although her heart was in the right place she knew that he was dying. His mental state was degrading horribly...to the point he was living in his hallucinations. Loran began getting angry with David and wondering why he couldn't come back to her. She prayed for him to get better--praying, "The only love I've ever known, the only soul I've ever saved, come back to me darling."

    As the days became numbered, David ended up in the hospital. The doctors left the two alone as David died. His last words were, "I WILL NEVER DIE". But just as he finished the sentence his heart flat lined. The couple agreed before that they wouldn't resuscitate. Loran cried for days. Gathering herself, Loran prepared for the funeral. There she said her last goodbyes. On his grave stone read, "You can bury my body but I’ll never die." She thought that would be the best send off. David was such a strong soul, that she believed he would never die...until he did.

    After many restless nights and tormenting nightmares, Loran found that she was going insane herself. Drowning in sadness and hopelessness, she bought a new home close to the graveyard itself. Loran hoped she could be closer to her lost love. It was a foggy night when something woke her. Unlike other nights it wasn't the taunting voice of David or heartbreaking memories, rather it was a warm glowing light. Beckoning her towards it, Loran got up, still in her night gown, and followed. It led her to the graveyard where she saw others gathering as well. At first she was scared. What was happening...who, what was calling them. Just as she was about to leave a golden glow appeared over David's grave. Getting closer, Loran realized that it was him...Speechless, Loran stood terrified. David smiled at her and reached out. "Let's DANCE IN THE GRAVEYARDS, my beloved," David said before sweeping Loran off her feet. The two danced and laughed like they did before, until dawn. Then David had to say his final goodbye:

    Oh my love, don't cry when I'm gone
    I will lift you up, the air in your lungs
    And when you reach for me, we'll dance in the darkness