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I Can't See Your Love: Revelation of Sins

Roleplay by Katsugi.


The Underworld, a place of total anarchy and endless violence, where the dark beasts reign and races from Shintaion are considered inferior species. It is here that Atoshi, Kraw, Camack, Neil, Arisa and a few others journeyed to in order to stop Harken Zaka once and for all! However, they were separated. They split into several groups and did battle with Harken's Four Monarchs of the Underworld and a few others.

Mara, a Monarch of the Underworld who was used by her brother Kiyoshi, was tricked into beginning a ritual that would end with Shintaion's moon crashing into the planet itself! She was in a trance and under Harken's mind control. Rai managed to get through to her after a long battle. Mara realized Harken was the true person who killed her parents and broke free. She moved the moon back and teleported the heroes except Rai and herself to the a passageway in the base that leads to the Soma Plains. Harken's plan of dropping the moon onto Shintaion was foiled and Shintaion spared from certain doom. Kiyoshi was incinerated in a pot of lava, no longer able to haunt Mara any longer.

The Underworld also dealt with a near catastrophic event when Tegan's flagship was mounted with a light bomb capable of destroying the entire Underworld. Lowe managed to take control of the airship. Yet the airship was to crash, someone had to stay in board and steer it so the bomb would be dropped into a large body of water. Carla begged to take Lowe's place but to no avail. Akio escorted her and Tegan out of the room. Carla killed Tegan in a fit of rage after he laughed about Lowe's impending death. Carla, Akio and everyone else except Lowe escaped thanks to the airship Raven. Lowe dropped the bomb harmlessly into the Lornz river. Unfortunately, he could not land the airship safely and instead decided to crash it into the Zaka Clan's Anubis base. Rai and Mara's fates were unknown as they raced aganist the clock to get out of the base before the airship hit. Lowe is presumed dead. Everyone else survived the incidents and are en route to the Underworld Guard HQ.

Elsewhere in the Underworld, Kraw, Atoshi, Neil, Nina and Helen have broken into the Zaka Clan fortress, ready to defeat Leo, one of Shini's minions who has taken the castle from Helen after Harken vanished into the Sealed Realm.

What is the purpose of the Sin orbs? When will Harken return. Just how much of the Arlon energy has he stolen from the Sealed Realm? Even if Harken is slain.... The threat of Shini still looms over both Shintaion and the Underworld. All that is certain is the stage is set for the final battles! The end is neigh!


Note to Piro and any readers of the RP:

I have started the IC back up...I know Piro isn't around but I decided it was best to put it up now. I remade, shortened and fixed up my last post made in the IC before Iwaku got wiped.

This version is cannon, it doesn't change much but now Kiyoshi has somewhat of a mini-fight, the Shintaion skies scenes are better, the Mara fight is improved and sped up. Lastly the other Raven scene with Carla is extended, giving her even further development and more details as to what will happen next.

I like this version of the post, much better IMO. It also didn't glitch out and break the character limit like the original did, which is good.
And so things continue with me somewhat back in action. The time approcheth that I get a new monitor but for now I am operating off of a temp one. Simply put this is an early warning that I may be gone for another week again maybe. With me using my Dad's monitor he just might actually hurry up and buy one for me. (Although it won't be nice like th one I had before.)

So I'm back and ready to get things going here.
Ok, my new post is up, Piro!

FYI, sorry if having Helen and Atoshi fight the Jades as not in your plans. I forgot to ask about that.. I just figured they'd need something to do since they can't help Kraw due that wall at the moment.

Almost everyone is now at the Underworld Guard HQ for the most part, even Greg. So that's done. So it's getting real close to the final battle with Harken here.

I left it kinda open ended so you can have Leo do whatever you think is best. I think the fight turned out quite decent and showed off more of what Kraw can do.
Alright I made my post. Sorry if you wanted a segment at the Underworld Guard HQ but I thought the length of my post was getting a bit...lengthy. Plus the Leo fight did kind of drag on so I just had Harken ignore them in the throne room for the most part. I did get Helen to go into evil mode so that's all good. Hope you enjoy the fight as much as I did writing it.
Yeah it was great! Lots of epic going on here.

Anyhow. Post is up! It's long but apparently not much bigger than my first post in the rebuilt IC... I warn you though, rather over the top. But I like it and had fun making it.

Maya shows her power and most of the Underworld Guard get some moments. Harken shows off his broken powers.

It's not glitching out like that post that involved the end of Phase 2, either. At least not yet, so it doesn't need to be split into two.

In case it was unclear, Harken's more broken abilities are sealed currently but he can still heal, still regenerate, still use his "evolution" powers and of course, still has his enhanced dark energy.

Later it'll be easier to explain once we get to the Sealed Realm....

Anyhow, FYI, if you need to think of where the others will be coming out from the ruins of the HQ,it'd probably be like, the east side of the ruins of the HQ. So they'd have to go around to face Harken. I wanted to kinda cover them but as I said on MSN, post was getting too big as it was anyhow.

Feel free to have Arisa and Katsugi and some others notice the signal Neil fired off with his energy too.
I is posting in here so Weavel doesn't double post. I'll get my post in as soon as I can after you get yours in.
Allright cool. My post is up anyhow... Good news is it's much shorter than the previous one.

Honestly, the quality of my post could be better but..Have been getting good sleep due to record heat.. <_< URGH. So I apologize if it's especially a bit rough at times.

But I felt at least in this last post of mine I handled Alicia's death well and somewhat redeemed her character for the most part.

If you need to know how Harken fights now, I can just talk to ya on MSN sometime..

But this should do:

Basically he'll still use some energy attacks but he also had his energy arms, literally arms made of energy that are a part of him. He can change them into blades, spears, claws, axes, etc. He can fly but he'd most likely only do it to avoid an attack or set up for it, not really fly at all times while fighting.

Also keep in mind his body is rather unstable in his new form giving him chronic pain. That is his only real weakness currently aside from losing all those forms of energy....

As for Helen:

Right head: Main head, the one that talks and where her brain is located.

Center head: Head that counters attacks.

Left head: Can use energy attacks.

The stage is set for Alastor to fight Harken as well. Helen went into her final beast form and Raoul and the others...Well I got some plans for them later.
I hate double posting.. Anyhow my post is up. Wasn't too much to write about, except Kraw giving Harken what he deserves. It wasn't too epic but I'm saving better ideas for the final battle with Harken.

Erika died finally..But there was a bit of more of an explanation about her and why she helped Harken... Still, once we re-write the story I really wanna find ways to try and make her more sympathetic, maybe even change it to have her betray Harken and die that way instead hmm.

Really, she gets more hate than Harken it seems.

All the other characters are either being treated or joining the battle aganist the remaining Zaka Clan beasts. The Warriors arrived, Khan and a group of Underworld beasts who are loyal to Jackal and aganist Harken arrived as well.

They won't get involved with the battle with Harken, it's mostly just to give them something to do and something to tire them out and put them out of commission so they we don't have to worry about most of them during the battles with Shini's forces.

I don't think you'll have many questions. Harken has already gotten through the portal and you know what to do next. After your next post, power ups galore and the battle with the final Harken can begin!

We should still talk on MSN though about when we'll set our third meeting for the Original ICSYL re-write and such.
Generally a short post but I did what I needed to. So let's begin this epic battle.
OK my post is up! Not as epic as the next one I'll make will be but it sets things up and shows how crazy and powerful Harken is.

Anyhow. I know Harken's new form may be a bit confusing but it's made of solid energy essentially, cutting off pieces of this solid energy causes it not only to fall off but to dissipate, thus Harken loses energy and has to replace parts of his energy body with the raw and non solid energy on the inside of the body.

In this form, he can use all types of energy except those types like time energy, as those are still sealed. He prefers dark energy however but may use fire on Neil or light on Arisa to exploit their weaknesses.

He absorbs energy blasts, explosions, rays, lasers. But attacks like the ones Kraw and Arisa used can hurt him without being absorbed. Atoshi's chakrams are also somewhat effective.

Well if you have any questions Piro I'll answer em on MSN or something. It's rather hard to describe but that should do it.

I also leave one of Atoshi's techniques unnamed for now. Hard trouble describing that one too.. Only real downside of the post.. :P

I am leaning towards finishing this off in my next post, just so it doesn't lag on. And I'll probably talk to you for a bit just to give you some ideas of what you can post next.
Well I got my post in. Turns out I still could have fun with Atoshi fighting Harken. Now you have to beat him, I mean Atoshi asked you to.

Anyway Atoshi will most likely wake up once the world starts to crumble. Rather right when Harken is destroyed that will be an appropriate time for him to rejoin. So let us bring Harken to his insane end.
The battle with Harken is over!

Honestly, had a bit of writer's block though which delayed me as I thought up a finishing move that could destroy Harken. I powered it down a bit so it wasn't too much. It's a rather situational attack after all, I doubt Neil will use it again. Also wish I'd foreshadowed and had Neil devise it throughout the entire battle rather than it not having much build up. Oh well..We'll get to rewrite it eventually.

Still, I liked this post. Some epic moments in it, not as much as I'd have hoped as I wasn't too inspired, the RP is not quite over yet so....No worries.

FYI, I didn't really control many of your characters in it, sorry if that's an inconvenience but I wanted you to have something to post before we go deal with Leo. I just set things up for you.

And you can feel free to have Camack talk to Kraw, Neil and Arisa so he can get the other Arlon energy crystal. He's friends with Kraw so he'd logically congratulate him after the battle after all.

Also, Harken's soul has not been destroyed so you can do what you were planning to him, Piro.

We should probably talk On MSN or something to plan some things out. I kinda want at least one more post before we go off to fight Leo to resolve some loose ends such as why Jackal and Mia didn't fight Harken themselves..
One of the shorter ones I have written but it does give a nice wrap up to the Underworld Arc. Nothing like a good banishing eh?

Anyhow I posted, also rather short but wraps up things on my end for the most part. But I will give an ending to the individual character stories for the ending. This one just mainly serves to resolve Carla's grudge aganist Mara and why Jackal and Mia did not fight the Zaka Clan themselves.
Well I set up two of the Monastery fight scenes. I know there are probably some questions as to why I added the spectators in but I'm sure you will go 'oh yeah' when I tell you. The orbs need to all be there so I had Marx and Hannah find a way to be there.

As far as your post goes the Monastery is a rather large place designed to show of archtectual might as well as disguise traps. The traps are mostly magical so guards do not have to be maintained twenty four seven. And yes Kento will be worried about Nina being left behind. So have fun devising your own ideas for this Great Monastery.
Posted. Meh, not the best trap but I liked the idea of fire breathing statues. I almost went with some sort of trap that produced boulders or something but that just would have been out of place and hard to make sense of. Would have also been too Indiana Jones like. :P Sorry for being unoriginal there Piro.
I think you worked with the scenario well. Although I did not want to see more statue stuff I guess it is hard to think of other things while you are suffering from lack of sleep. So with this last trap to get the other two off Kraw's back, I will focus on something a little more original and something we have not done yet in the RP. At least I do not think we have done it and this is probably one of the best times to do it. Just you wait and see.
Sounds good.

Hmm, ah well, I'm back to being non super sleep deprived. So the next post of mine should be much better and not a rush job.

It's awesome we're so close to finishing this RP after all this time.
Well I noticed the end of September is coming soon and I know what you said. So how will that effect your activity for the time being?

Oh and on a post note, I will try getting something up soon. Apparently I do not get out enough and my parents are dragging me out of the house today...the same day I planned to write the post. Something tonight for sure I will have.