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  1. A majority of you probably don't know this, but several months ago we basically did a whole evacuation from another site after there was so much hate spewed that one of the members of our group felt so insecure as to delete himself from that site. All posts, all topics he'd created, gone. A certain 'anonymous' blog had targeted two members of our little roleplaying group, picking apart roleplay posts and scrutinizing and generally bullying, to the point that we all said, "No, screw this site," and came here to Iwaku.

    It's been relatively peaceful from then on, until today, when I was informed that the blog had started anew, with targeting not only one of the same members of our group, but two more, including myself. Reports have been sent, and it's just one big clusterfuck of utter BS and cyberbullying. They've even gone so far this time to accuse one of felonies and there's little to nothing we can do about it, because every one of the posts that do so are anonymous. All we have is to report and hope for the best.

    It pisses me off so hard and for a while I was shaking with rage. No one touches my family and this group has been around for me when shit's been hard and shit has been hard lately, and overall I've just reached a general apex of nope. There was a lot more colorful language I wanted to use but I lost the desire for it the second I was typing. I'm just...so done with people at the moment. I want to scream.
  2. o_o Wait, are you saying that the harassment followed you here to Iwaku? Or is all this still happening on another site?
  3. God no, it's still on another site, but I was so frustrated that I wanted to rant over here. I know that crap like that wouldn't stand for a moment here on Iwaku, especially since the 'momma hen' of our group is Iwaku staff.
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  4. Ok, good, I was gonna say... ^^"

    If you don't mind me asking -- what site is this other stuff happening on, by the way? Based on just what you've said here, it sounds sort of like Tumblr... and while the Tumblr staff may be very incompetent, I do know of some workarounds that you can use to deal with troublesome members...

    Or maybe you're not talking about Tumblr and instead you're just referring to some smaller RP site. I dunno. Just thought I'd toss the offer out there if I can do anything to help.
  5. The blog that the accusations on are on tumblr, yeah. The blog's a "confession" blog for an avatar site that we played on, though. I'm not sure if I should say what site. It ain't Gaia, I'll leave it at that.
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