I can't get hold of new conversation...

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  1. Hi! I've been away for some time, and when I came back, Iwaku was completely changed! I like current desgin actually, but that's not the point of this thread. So to the question!

    I've been using the interface for conversations/pms, but I can't find the interface now! I used it to add colors to fonts and post pictures or videos, but now, I can't do any of them.... I'm not really familiar with BB codes, so can anyone tell me what I should do to use the interface again, or if there is any possible way??
  2. BBCODES! Use them in the BB code version of the editor box (top row, second from last button).

    To start a conversation, click on someone's name and choose "start a conversation" on the window that pops up. :3 Hope that answers your question. If not, just tag me here.
  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks for your reply :)
    But the problem is that the editor box doesn't show up in the writing box....
    I attached below the picture of my current message.
  4. That's weird. I can access it just fine. Are you on a computer or other device? Does it work when writing in the forum or is it like that everywhere? If you're on a phone or tablet it might be some bug. Certain devices has had a few problems. It might also have to do with which browser you're using. Write the details of what device and browser you're using in the bug report thread, post the picture again and we'll see if Diana is able to fix it.

    Until then, you can always use the BB code guide in the FAQ just as Dawn said. :)
  5. Hello! It works fine on my phone, but appears like the picture above when I use my computer.
    My computer is Samsung(Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU (Z2760) @ 1.80GHz), and the system is Windows 8.1.
    It doesn't work everywhere. In conversation, forums or other places...
    The Internet I'm using is Internet Explorer!
    Thank you :)
  6. Oh!! I didn't see that.
    Thanks for your help, redblood. :) And yes. I wonder what's the problem with my laptop...haha