I cannot wait.



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Just so everyone can understand better. My parents house is poorly built, the windows in the basement leak. My sister and her husband(who lives in the basement) are almost constantly complaining about it. My parents do everything they can to help, but they are both in their late fifties. My siblings have been expected to do the labor. Which they didn't.

This morning I was awaken by my phone. It was my brother in law, who is out of town, the first words out of his mouth was "do you know the basement is flooding?" I answered that I didn't. He said i needed to go out and bail out the window wells. My sister was complaining to my mother that I wasn't doing it. It was six oclock in the morning, I am rarely up before eight. She was saying that I should have been the first one out there. She never asked me, she never woke me up. Now she is pissed off at me. My mother came and asked me to go out and do it, just to make her shut up about it.

My mom said this morning "I can't believe your sister. Why does she treat you like that" now my mom is having all of us sit down after I get home from work so we can talk about this. I am really excited. My parents are finally taking my side and are not going to put up with my sisters shit anymore!