I cannot reccomend this site enough, I really can't

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  1. http://www.springhole.net/

    I just cannot reccomend reading this site and checking for new updates regularly

    The writing/worldbuilding section is especially helpful, there are whole articles specifically for roleplaying tips.

    My personal favourites are the tips for writing children, tips for writing likeable badasses, the tips for writing healthy/believable couples, tips for writing cute characters, fantasy tropes to avoid, how to avoid being accidentally offensive, ah who am I kidding, I love them all!

    There are also generators for character names, motivations, plots, mystical items, hero names, world names, appearances, settings, pirate names, everything!

    There's tests to see if your character is a mary-sue, a despie, has kirk or spoiled princess syndrome

    It's a lot of fun to read and very helpful, too.

    EDIT: http://springhole.net/writing/uselessly-vague-descriptions.htm

    An insanely helpful article on writing character descriptions just came up! I want to marry this writer.
  2. Your character's fondest wish is to have sex with a major villain.
  3. That site looks incredibly useful. Thank you for your contribution!
  4. Such a neat resource! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thank you for posting this, Minibit! I'm going to add this to the list of off-site resource links with credit to you for finding it. :]
  6. This site is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Ooo, thank you. That looks awesome. :D I shall definitely be using this. <3