I Can Be Serious... Sometimes [Let's try this again, flachel421]

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  1. Fred and George were the first to leave their parents at the station. They each took turns and hugged a parent, swapping after the hug was completed. "Fred, look after your brothers!" their mother cried through her usual bout of pre-train tears. It was Fred's theory that she wasn't sad for very long once they had all left. At the request, Fred glanced at his brother and grinned.

    "Honestly, woman! You call yourself our mother?" he asked, indignant. "I'm George!"

    And of course George played along and said, "And I'm Fred!"

    Molly sniffed and hugged them both closer. "I'm sorry Fred, sorry George."

    Fred kissed her on the cheek and grinned. "I'm only playing. I am Fred." She laughed and lightly smacked him before shooing them off so she could continue her goodbyes. They waved at their father and headed onto the train.

    The twins were talking in excited whispers that revolved around half-sentences only to be finished by the other twin. They had big plans. They were already seventeen and had bought a piece of property in Diagon Alley that they were going to turn into their own shop. They had a name for it and everything. Thanks to the money that Harry gave them after he won the Triwizard Tournament, it was an easy goal to achieve. They knew with their golden idea they would be able to recoup all their money in a small period of time. In their trunks, they had prototypes of products all ready to be sold to the Hogwarts students. They were their testing group.

    George was going to handle the feedback and the formalities while Fred was the idea man. It was something he prided himself in, not that George didn't contribute. Neither twin would say one did more than the other because they were half of the same whole. It was a thought that most people would stop and think twice about, but the twins thought it was as easy as... breathing.
  2. "Natty, do you have to go?" Julian asked, his hands gripping the hem of her robe tightly. "Can't you just stay here with me? You don't have to go to school, do you?"

    Natalia smiled, crouching down so she could be at eye-level with her little brother. His lips were drawn into an exaggerated pout, and his brown eyes seemed to be pleading with her. She pulled him into a hug, placing a kiss on top of his curly-haired head. "I'll be back before you know it. I promise." She smiled, pulling back and resting her hands on his shoulders. "I'll bring you back some Chocolate Frogs, too. How does that sound?"

    He grinned, his face lighting up instantly. "Yay! Oh, thank you!" He gave Natalia one last hug, before running back to their mother, who was standing a little ways off. They'd already said their goodbyes - however, Julian had insisted on following her all the way up to the barrier, and Natalia didn't have the heart to tell him no. Natalia stood and gave her mother a last wave, before turning and heading through the barrier that would take her to the Hogwarts Express.

    She had said her goodbyes to her other family members before she'd left with her mother for the train station. Jadzia, her sister, had caught the flu at the last minute, so her stepfather stayed home with her and the baby. Natalia missed all of them already.

    Her owl squawked at her, and she laughed slightly. "Alright, alright, I'm going." Dragging her stuff with her, she made her way onto the train and picked the first empty compartment she could find, as it looked as if none of her friends had arrived yet. She was a little early today, after all. She looked out the window, and couldn't help but let a smile creep on her face. "Hogwarts, here I come."
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